The Witcher Season 3: Is Liam Hemsworth as Geralt of Rivia- a hit or miss?

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Liam Hemsworth is set to play the White-headed Witcher in the upcoming fourth season of ‘The Witcher’. Since Henry Cavill has updated about his exit from Witcher post-season 3, fans are skeptical about the character in season 4. Many claim that either the character of Geralt will be killed or a new story will comprise Liam as related to Geralt. Some say that Liam Hemsworth will be cast in Geralt’s place. Whatever will be the plot of season 4, the independence day actor seems to be excited about his role and is working hard for the role.

Liam Hemsworth as Geralt of Rivia

Lately, fans have been digesting the fact that Henry will no longer be part of season 4 of The Witcher. Liam Hemsworth has made it through the role and will be joining the team in season 4. An image made by a fan of the show has surfaced, where Liam is all groomed up in the attire of a demon hunter. Fans have liked the new hunter look.

The actor does look promising in his role in the dark-fantasy drama. Currently, Hemsworth is training for his role and has undergone a workout regime to look like the character. He even mentioned on his Instagram handle that being a fan of the show he is excited for the role.

‘As a Witcher fan I’m over the moon about the opportunity to play Geralt of Rivia. Henry Cavill has been an incredible Geralt, and I’m honoured that he’s handing me the reins and allowing me to take up the White Wolf’s blades for the next chapter of his adventure.  Henry, I’ve been a fan of yours for years and was inspired by what you brought to this beloved character. I may have some big boots to fill, but I’m truly excited to be stepping into The Witcher world.’- Instagram post

When will season 4 come?

Season 3 is coming this June on 29 and the next part is coming on 27 July. The possibility of Season 4 of The Witcher will be next year or early 2025.

Will Liam be seen in season 3?

Season 3 will feature Geralt, Ciri, and Yennifer protecting Ciri from being captured but there is no information given whether or not Liam will be seen in Season 3. But Liam could see in the end credits to rise his curiosity for season 4.

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