How Stella got her groove back starrer Angela Bassett reveals comfort secrets for Sex scenes

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Famous for its steamy sequences involving Stella, a severe stockbroker played by Angela Bassett, and a young Jamaican man half her age, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” is a popular movie. At the Tribeca Festival on Saturday, Bassett talked about how she and Taye Diggs, who played her love interest, captured those private moments. She identified the one duty her co-star had to accomplish: “He had to fulfill a Black woman’s fantasy.”

Bassett and Kevin Sullivan, the director of the movie, attended the festival to mark the 25th anniversary of the romance adaptation of Terry McMillan’s book. Bassett most recently appeared as the brave Queen Ramonda in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” for which she was nominated for an Oscar. Additionally, she plays a first responder in the Fox TV drama “9-1-1.” She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to portray intelligent, brave, sensual Black women who are complex human beings when questioned about the legacy she wanted to leave.

Angela Bassett
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How Angela Bassett is the best fit for the role of Stella in How stella got her groove back

Though romance is at the heart of “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” the other key component of the film is friendship — and Stella would be nothing without her Deliliah, as played by Goldberg. The quintessential best friend character, played with marvelous wit and depth by the heralded actress, is the glue that ties the movie together and certainly gives it a ton of heart.

Sullivan has always chosen Angela Bassett to portray Stella. He described how a global search resulted in the casting of Diggs as Winston Shakespeare, the 20-year-old hottie Stella falls for. Sullivan had seen Diggs perform on Broadway in “Rent,” and the director would urge Diggs to sing to Bassett during rehearsals to ease with anxieties and improve their chemistry.

Sullivan continued, “It was crucial to me to create the love scenes from a woman’s point of view. Winston’s story was not it. Stella told the tale, according to New York Times

When I play a character, you look for the whole person, what they stand for, what they are about, and what problems they are facing, according to Bassett. It’s not one-dimensional, despite how frequently Black women have been viewed historically.

A primary objective was securing Whoopi Goldberg to play Delilah, Stella’s pal in how Stella got her groove back. The comedian joined the cast after Sullivan visited her house and spoke with her about the movie; Bassett was a fan. His favourite scene has the pals having fun in the hospital after Delilah learns she has liver cancer while jamming to Marvin Gaye and laughing about past memories. There was no denying their sisterhood and comradery. 

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