Revenant on Disney+: Meet The Remarkable Cast of K-Drama series

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In a world of Revenant where demons lurk behind the door to another realm, Ku San-Young (played by Kim Tae-Ri) finds herself possessed by one of these malevolent beings. The ability to perceive the demon possessing Ku San-Young falls upon Yeom Hae-Sang (played by Oh Jung-Se), who has been able to see demons since childhood. Together, they embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind a series of enigmatic deaths connected to five sacred objects.

Ku San-Young leads a busy life in drama Revenant, juggling her daytime part-time job and nighttime studies to become a low-ranking public officer. However, everything changes when she comes into possession of articles left behind by her late father, coinciding with a string of mysterious deaths occurring around her. As the incidents unfold, Ku San-Young undergoes a gradual transformation.

Yeom Hae-Sang hails from a wealthy background and teaches Korean folklore at a university. Ever since he was a child, he has possessed the extraordinary ability to perceive demons in our world. Tragically, he witnessed his mother’s demise at the hands of a demon during his youth. When Yeom Hae-Sang encounters Ku San-Young, he confronts the very demon responsible for his mother’s death.

Lieutenant Lee Hong-Sae (played by Hong Kyung) serves in the violent crimes investigation team and is solely focused on advancing his career within the police department. However, due to the involvement of Ku San-Young and Yeom Hae-Sang in the perplexing cases, Lee Hong-Sae finds himself entangled in a web of mystery.

Revenant on Disney+: Meet The Remarkable Cast of K-Drama series

Kim Tae-Ri as Ku Sang-Young

Taking on the role of Ku San-young is the talented actress Kim Tae-ri, who brings to life a character known for her unwavering work ethic and determination. Ku San-young is a dedicated part-time worker, tirelessly putting in long hours during the day, and then diligently studying throughout the night. Her unwavering ambition is to realize her dream of becoming a low-ranking civil servant, a goal that she pursues with unyielding fervor.

However, Ku San-young’s life takes a sudden and sinister turn when she unexpectedly comes into possession of some personal belongings left behind by her late father. These seemingly innocent items become the catalyst for a series of unnerving and unexplained deaths that begin to occur in her vicinity. As the circumstances grow more perplexing, Ku San-young finds herself caught in the clutches of an otherworldly presence—a demon that has crossed over from a different realm.

Kim Tae-ri, renowned for her discerning project choices and exceptional performances, seamlessly embodies the multifaceted character of Ku San-young. With an impressive acting repertoire that includes remarkable dramas like Mr. Sunshine and Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, as well as acclaimed films like The Handmaiden, Kim Tae-ri brings depth, nuance, and authenticity to the complex role of Ku San-young. Through her portrayal, she skillfully captures the essence of a determined young woman, forced to confront supernatural forces while balancing her everyday responsibilities and aspirations.

Revenant on Disney+: Meet The Remarkable Cast of K-Drama series

Oh Jung-se as Yeom Hae-sang

Oh Jung-se, an acclaimed actor known for his impressive performances, takes on the role of Yeom Hae-sang in this captivating drama. According to the MyDramaList site, Oh Jung-se breathes life into the character of Yeom Hae-sang, a distinguished university professor specializing in Korean folklore. Coming from a privileged background, Hae-sang possesses a wealth of knowledge about the supernatural realm.

What sets Yeom Hae-sang apart is his extraordinary ability to perceive demons that exist alongside humans in our world. This exceptional gift has been with him since childhood, granting him a unique perspective on the hidden forces at play. However, this power comes at a great personal cost. Hae-sang carries the burden of a haunting memory—he was a witness to the tragic demise of his own mother, taken mercilessly by a demon right before his young eyes. This heart-wrenching event has fueled Hae-sang’s determination to uncover the truth behind the supernatural and seek justice for his mother’s untimely fate.

Fate, in its mysterious ways, weaves together the paths of Yeom Hae-sang and Ku San-young. When these two individuals cross paths, their encounter becomes the catalyst for a profound revelation. Hae-sang finds himself confronting not only the demons that haunt our world but also the very entity responsible for his mother’s tragic end. This gripping confrontation forms a pivotal moment in Hae-sang’s journey as he strives to find closure and, perhaps, unravel the enigmatic deaths linked to the five sacred objects.

Oh Jung-se’s exceptional acting prowess, showcased in acclaimed dramas like “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay,” “Jirisan,” and “Hot Stove League,” guarantees a compelling portrayal of Yeom Hae-sang. With his ability to delve into complex emotions and deliver nuanced performances, Oh Jung-se brings depth and authenticity to this captivating character in Revenant, capturing the essence of Hae-sang’s painful past and his unwavering determination to confront the demons—both literal and metaphorical—that dwell within.

Revenant on Disney+: Meet The Remarkable Cast of K-Drama series

Hong Kyung as Lee Hong-sae

Bringing his talent to the screen, the young and promising actor Hong Kyung takes on the challenging role of Lieutenant Lee Hong-sae in this thrilling drama ‘Revenant’. With an insatiable hunger for success and a drive to climb the ranks of the police force, Hong-sae serves as a member of the esteemed violent crimes investigation team. Ambitious and single-minded in his pursuit of career advancement, he often prioritizes his own ambitions over the well-being of others, showing little concern for those around him.

However, Lieutenant Lee Hong-sae’s path takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself unexpectedly entangled with the enigmatic duo of Yeom Hae-sang and Ku San-young. As their paths intertwine, Lee Hong-sae is drawn into a web of mystery and supernatural phenomena that he can no longer ignore. What initially seems like a mere inconvenience soon becomes a thrilling and dangerous journey, as he is reluctantly thrust into the world of demons and the dark forces that lurk beyond.

Despite his initial self-serving nature, Lieutenant Lee Hong-sae’s encounter with Yeom Hae-sang and Ku San-young forces him to confront his own priorities and question the meaning of true success. As he delves deeper into the perplexing cases and witnesses the supernatural firsthand, he begins to realize that there are more important things than personal gain. United by a common purpose, the trio embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind the mysterious deaths and the five sacred objects that hold the key to these otherworldly events.

Hong Kyung, who has recently made his mark in the drama “Weak Hero Class 1,” showcases his talent and versatility as he takes on the complex role of Lieutenant Lee Hong-sae. With his youthful energy and the ability to bring out the multifaceted nature of his characters, Hong Kyung adds depth and intrigue to the role, captivating audiences with his portrayal of a driven yet conflicted individual. As Lee Hong-sae’s journey unfolds, Hong Kyung’s performance promises to captivate viewers, showcasing the character’s transformation from an ambitious opportunist to a reluctant hero caught in the grip of supernatural forces.

Revenant on Disney+: Meet The Remarkable Cast of K-Drama series

In addition to the stellar cast of Oh Jung-se, Kim Tae-ri, and Hong Kyung, the drama ‘Revenant’ features a talented ensemble of actors who bring their own unique flavors to the story.

Yang Hye-ji graces the screen with her presence in Revenant, adding depth and emotion to the series. Known for her captivating performances in previous projects, her portrayal in ‘Revenant’ is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Park Ji-young, an actress with a wealth of experience, brings her expertise to the table, infusing her character with a sense of wisdom and gravitas. Her nuanced performance enhances the overall storytelling, creating a richer narrative tapestry.

Kim Won-hae, a versatile actor known for his impeccable comedic timing, showcases his range in ‘Revenant.’ With his innate ability to seamlessly transition between genres, he breathes life into his character, providing moments of levity amidst the gripping suspense.

Ye Soo-jung, a seasoned actress, brings her undeniable talent to the series, delivering a performance that resonates with authenticity and depth.

Kim Shin-bi, a rising star, shines in her role, adding youthful energy and charisma to the ensemble. Her presence adds a dynamic element to the storyline, captivating viewers with her captivating portrayal.

Furthermore, Jin Seon-kyu and Pyo Ye-jin make special appearances in Revenant, infusing the series with their unique charm and leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

As the drama ‘Revenant‘ unfolds, each actor’s contribution adds layers of complexity to the narrative, enhancing the overall viewing experience. With a cast of such talent and diversity, the series promises to deliver an immersive and unforgettable journey into a world where demons, mysteries, and supernatural occurrences collide.

Audiences can anticipate remarkable performances from this exceptional ensemble, elevating ‘Revenant’ to new heights of storytelling excellence.


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