Encouragement of Climb Season 4: Everything We Know

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On the official Twitter account of the anime series “Encouragement of Climb” (jap.: “Yama no Susume”) it was announced that the fourth season will be aired in Japan from October 2022. You can check out a new visual below in this article.

Encouragement of Climb Season 4 Release Date

The fourth season, titled “Encouragement of Climb: Next Summit” will once again be produced under the direction of director Yuusuke Yamamoto (“Knight’s & Magic”) at Studio 8-Bit, with Yuusuke Matsuo (“Cross Ange”) once again responsible for the design of the characters.

The sequel will consist of twelve episodes, each of which will be 30 minutes long for the first time, while the previous seasons consisted of only five- or fifteen-minute episodes. The first four episodes are to show a summary of the previous events and also add new short stories.

In this country, the streaming service Crunchyroll offers the first and third season in the original sound with English subtitles on demand. The second season is no longer available. The original manga series by Shiro is not yet available in English.

Encouragement of Climb Season 4 Visual

Encouragement of Climb Season 4
Encouragement of Climb © 8bit

Encouragement of Climb: Storyline

Aoi prefers to stay indoors and is afraid of heights, but her friend Hinata loves to show off her passion for mountain climbing. As young children, the two once watched the sunrise from a mountain together. Hoping to see that sight again, they take up mountaineering.

They engage in cookouts with their mountaineering gear, conquer small hills in the local area, and meet new mountaineering friends while learning the ropes about their new hobby. When will they finally see the long-awaited sunrise again?

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