Emma Corrin on their villain role in ‘A Murder at the End of The World’: ‘I feel really lucky to be a part of it’

The actors talks more about their upcoming projects

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Emma Corrin has revealed that they will be playing the role of a villain in ‘A Murder at the End of the World. The limited TV series is created by Bitt Marling and Zal Batmanglij for FX.

Alongside Emma, Britt Marling, Clive Ownen, Harris Dickinson, Alice Braga, and Jermaine Fowler will also be part of the show. Emma plays the lead role of Dabby Hart, an amateur detective trying to solve a murder.

‘A Murder at the End of the World’ was all set to release on August 29, 2023, but since has been delayed due to the ongoing strikes.  

Emma Corrin on The Today Show

Emma Corrin on New TV Shows & Movies

Emma-Louise Corrin is well known for their role as Diana, Princess of Wales, in Season 4 of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ (2020). Corrin made their television debut in ‘Grantchester’ (2019) and film debut as Jillian Jessup in ‘Misbehaviour’ (2020).

Prior to the 2023-SAG-AFTRA strikes, in an interview with Empire, Emma Corrin revealed more details about working on the set of ‘A Murder at the End of The World’

To think they were writing this maybe five years ago… it’s so ahead of its time and covers so much of what we’re dealing with now in terms of our existential dread and a world where technology plays a major part of our lives, said Emma about the creators of the show.

Emma Corrin in The Crown

Emma Corrin will also be a part of Marvel’s New Deadpool Movie and shared her thoughts on joining the MCU.

I really understand why it means as much as it does to so many people,” says Emma Corrin. “It’s a phenomenon, and I feel really lucky to be part of it. Especially Deadpool, because I love the fact that it’s self-aware and critical of its own inner workings.”

‘Deadpool 3’ will see Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine and adorn his Yellow X-Men Suit. With similar healing abilities as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, it will be interesting to see how they pair together on screen.

Emma Corrin in The Crown

Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s ‘Logan’ first met in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ (2009). This will be an interesting reunion indeed as the two had an intense fight in that movie. Hopefully, Marvel makes another one of its iconic references to that in Deadpool 3.

Jennifer Garner will be back as Elektra in the film and there have been speculations that Daredevil will also return. Production was suspended on July 14 because of the SAG-AFTRA strikes and there are speculations that the release date will be pushed back further.

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