Élite Season 9: Will the Spanish series continue?

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The Spanish series “Élite” has many fans. Now the seventh season is running on Netflix and an eighth is also confirmed. But what will happen next?

“Élite” is a Spanish Netflix series set in the teen drama genre. Created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, the series premiered in 2018. “Élite” is about a group of students* at the exclusive Spanish elite school Las Encinas who are confronted with social and financial differences, love, sex and secrets. There have been seven seasons so far, and an eighth season will be released in 2024. Find out here whether the series will continue beyond that.

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Will there be Élite season 9?

The seventh season of the Spanish series has just started on Netflix. And after seven seasons of “Élite”, an eighth season has already been confirmed for 2024. But this is to be the last season, because there will be no ninth season. The end of the series “Élite” was confirmed via X (formerly Twitter). And that even before the start of the eighth season. So fans of the series can be curious what the end will look like for the students of Las Encinas.

Alternatives to “Elite

You want to look for alternatives now, so that the wait for the final season is not too long? Then we have some tips for you, which are in the style of “Élite”:

  • Riverdale: This series is based on the Archie comics and takes place at a high school. It offers a mixture of mystery, drama and love stories. It is available to you in the streaming subscription on Netflix.
  • Pretty Little Liars: This series is about a group of friends who are threatened by an anonymous stalker and try to find out the truth about their friend’s murder. You can find the series in the streaming subscription on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Gossip Girl: this is a series about rich teenagers in New York City who are stalked by an anonymous blogger. It features drama, intrigue and fashion. You can find the series in the streaming subscription on Netflix as well as on Amazon Prime Video.

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