Elite Season 8: Netflix confirms final continuation of erotic series – fan favorite returns

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There is good news for fans of Las Encinas, because Elite season 8 is already a done deal. But there is also bad news.

Already three months before the start of Elite season 7, Netflix had given the green light for another continuation of the Spanish erotic thriller series. So audiences can once again look forward to intriguing relationships, cunning feuds and fiery, intimate bedtime stories at the high-society school Las Encinas. A special highlight: In addition to new faces, you can expect the return of a fan favorite in Elite Season 8. However, this is also accompanied by a bitter pill: The eighth season is supposed to conclude the series.

Elite Season 8 will be the end of the series

The story of the students of Las Encinas is indeed coming to an end. As Netflix announced via X (formerly Twitter), “Elite” will not get a ninth season.

“‘Elite’ has been renewed for an eighth and final season – and Season 7 premieres this Friday!”

While the end of the series is likely to be accompanied by a wave of sadness among fans, the announcement also has something good: since the cancellation was decided before the start of production, it can already be ruled out that we have to live with the otherwise usual cliffhanger. Hopefully, this will give the teen-crime series a worthy ending.

If you can’t get enough of the Spanish production, you can also plunge into the mysteries of Las Encinas on paper with the novel based on the series.

When will “Elite” season 8 start on Netflix?

Usually, Netflix lets about a year pass before new episodes of a series find their way onto the streaming service’s offerings. “Elite,” however, did not fit into this rotation. At times, only six to seven months separated the audience from new episodes. Netflix has not yet revealed when “Elite” Season 8 will premiere. But it is known that production of the sequel began in August 2023 (via Netflix Life). We may therefore be able to look forward to new scandals at the elite school as early as summer 2024.

“Elite” season 8 cast: fan favorite returns

With a runtime of almost five years by now, it’s probably more than understandable that the cast changes from season to season. After all, Las Encinas is a high school and the characters in focus are on the verge of adulthood – or in some cases are already of age. But that doesn’t stop the people behind “Elite” from occasionally bringing back characters from earlier seasons. In the seventh season, for example, Omar (Omar Ayuso) takes on a central role, while season 8 will see a reunion with actress Mina el Hammani (“El Príncipe”) (via TV Insider). She was seen in seasons 1 to 4 in the role of Omar’s sister Nadia.

Alongside Mina el Hammani, Ane Rot (“Por los pelos, una historia de autoestima”) and Nuno Gallego (“UPA Next”) will be in front of the camera. Netflix has not yet revealed further details about the cast of “Elite” Season 8. However, it is expected that characters from seasons 6 and 7 as well as new characters will be seen.

“Elite” season 8: What happens next?

Elite Season 8

Warning: spoilers for “Elite” season 7 follow

As usual, the end of “Elite” season 7 leaves some questions unanswered, which will have to be answered in the upcoming eighth season. Thanks to Isadora (Valentina Zenere), Catalina (Astrid Jones) and Martín (Leonardo Sbaraglia) could be convicted of their machinations. But how will Isa and Rocío (Ana Bokesa) deal with the loss of a beloved parent?

In addition, Chloé (Mireia Balic) may also soon have to stand on her own two feet. To protect her daughter, mother Carmen (Maribel Verdú) had pushed Raúl (Alex Pastrana) off the balcony. He is unlikely to have survived the bloody impact. To the police, mother and daughter claim to have spent the whole afternoon together and to suspect a suicide. But one person knows better: Dalmar (Iván Mendes) not only witnessed the crime, but also filmed it. So far, however, he has kept the truth and the footage to himself. Will his conscience plague him in season 8, so that he confides in Omar, Joel (Fernando Lindez) or the police?

Elite Season 8

However, Raúl’s death will certainly not be the only crime of significance in the upcoming episodes. Since the eighth season is the series finale, “Elite” will certainly go out with a bang. Accordingly, we can assume that the students of Las Encinas will have another criminal case to solve – or cover up. In addition, we can expect new intrigues and love affairs that are likely to lead to hot scenes.

Since Omar celebrated his comeback in the seventh season and Nadia’s is coming up in the eighth, it can also be assumed that the two are connected. After all, they are siblings. Is it possible that Omar’s therapy is the reason why Nadia is returning from the USA? Or is an impending tragedy to blame for the family reunion? Only Netflix can provide us with certainty.

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