Eden’s Zero season 2: What to expect in the continuation of the anime on Netflix

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Eden’s Zero” is getting a second season. The new work of the “Fairy Tail” creator is continued and Shiki can start his journey in the Netflix series in the Outer Cosmos.

  • The anime adaptation of the manga series “Edens Zero” will continue with season 2.
  • Season 1 aired on Japanese television in spring 2021 and premiered on Netflix in fall 2021.
  • Find out what you need to know about the sequel here.

Although the announcement of the sequel to “Edens Zero” took some time after the end of Season 1 in October 2021. But it was foreseeable that the series based on the manga by “Fairy Tail” creator Hiro Mashima would get a sequel. Season 2 of the science fiction adventure is now official, only a start date is still in the stars.

Is there a release date for “Edens Zero” season 2?

More details about season 2 are yet to be announced. So there is also no start date for the new episodes of “Edens Zero” yet. We assume that you can expect a start in the fall of 2022 at the earliest, possibly not until the beginning of 2023.

“The second season of ‘Edens Zero’ is now in production,” announces the official Twitter channel of the series. Furthermore, the series makers ask for your patience, information “about the broadcast date and other details” will be announced soon.

“Eden’s Zero” Season 2: Plot

Events came to a head in episode 25 of the first season. Shiki was able to put an end to his fight against Kurenai Dragoon. So he drags Kurenai to her daughter Homura and there was a long overdue talk between the two.

Hamura thanks Valkyrie for always being by her side, proving that even machines can develop a heart. The crew mourns their lost comrade-in-arms, but the journey is not over yet. So now that the crew is complete again, they can begin their odyssey to the Outer Cosmos in search of Mother.

In season 2, however, Shiki wants to pay a visit to a friend and the planet Granbell beforehand. But apparently the demon king Ziggy has been resurrected. Something is different about him, his nature is completely different. His new goal is to become the ruler of humanity – so it seems that the onward flight of the Edens Zero will be delayed again.

“Edens Zero” Season 2: Production and Casting

Season 1 of the anime series was produced by Studio J.C. Staff (“Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma”). Shinji Ishihira (“Fairy Tail”) directed, while Mitsutaka Hirota (“Rent-A-Girlfriend“) was responsible for the scripts. The character design was adapted by Yurika Sako (animator on “Taboo Tatoo” among others) from Hiro Mashima.

In terms of casting, there will also be little change. Here you can assume that all the seiyus of the Japanese original will return in their previously cast roles. Also in the German dubbing you will most certainly hear Tim Schwarzmaier (Senkuu Ishigami in “Dr. Stone”) as Shiki Granbell and Franziska Trunte (among others Alice Rondo in “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”) as Rebecca Bluegarden.

Is there a trailer for “Eden’s Zero” season 2?

Season 2 was announced only recently. Therefore, there is no trailer yet. If that changes in the future, you will find new teasers here.

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