Drifting Home: New promo video released

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A new promotional video for the upcoming anime film “Drifting Home” has now been released on the official Netflix Anime YouTube channel. The trailer also introduces new cast members.

Drifting Home Anime Release Date

“Drifting Home” will be available worldwide from September 16, 2022 via Netflix. The film is being directed by Hiroyasu Ishida (“Penguin Highway”) at Studio Colorido (“Around a Whisker”). Ishida is also writing the screenplay with Hayashi Mori (“Cells at Work! CODE BLACK”) and Minaka Sakamoto (“Babylon”). Akihiro Nagae (“Fastening Days”) is in charge of character design, while Fumi Kato (animation director on “Penguin Highway”) is acting as deputy character designer. The music is composed by Umitaro Abe (“Penguin Highway”).

The new cast members are:

  • Bin Shimada as Yasuji Kumagaya
  • Nana Mizuki as Satoko Tonai

Drifting Home Anime Visual

Drifting Home Anime Visual

Drifting Home Promo Video

Drifting Home Action

Kōsuke and Natsume have been friends since they were very young. The two have just started sixth grade and are at an awkward point in their friendship, avoiding each other. During the summer holidays, they visit the house where the two used to live, which is threatened with demolition. Suddenly something strange happens: the building is surrounded by an ocean. The friends must now try to find a way out of the drifting building together.