DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 4: There is still hope!

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Fans of Arcane and Now Dota have been enjoying these two TV shows on the streaming platform. One of them, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, is inspired by the popular Dota 2 game and has recently released its third season. If you have already binge-watched this season of the fantasy saga, you might be wondering what will happen next. Don’t worry, we have some answers for you. The show’s producer, from Studio Mir, has hinted that a fourth season might be in the works.

Is Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 4 Renewed?

Is Dota: Dragon'S Blood Season 4 Renewed? | Awsmone
DOTA: Dragon’s Blood © Netflix

Fans of Dota: Dragon’s Blood are eagerly waiting for the announcement of Season 4, but Netflix (She Season 3) has not confirmed anything yet. However, the show’s executive producer Ashley Edward Miller has hinted that there is more to explore in the epic fantasy world of Dota. He recently interacted with some fans on Twitter and shared his appreciation for their positive feedback on Book 3. He also said, “You’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll see when you watch it again and notice all the subtle clues and moments we’ve hidden throughout.”

One fan asked him, “May I ask that will you continue this story? I do hope that the fans appreciate your efforts as much as you deserve.”

Miller replied, “Thank you, I’d love to. As Fymryn once said, ‘There’s plenty of story left to tell.'”

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 4 Plot: What It Can Be About?

Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 4 Plot | Awsmone
DOTA: Dragon’s Blood © Netflix

In season 3, Mirana is instrumental in the search for Slyrak and even goes so far as to call for a well-known Dragon Knight. Meanwhile, Filomena must confront some unpleasant truths; she even goes so far as to probe Mene’s memory in her quest for clarification. In the last episode, she teams up with Davion to battle Invoker.

The sitcom’s fourth season is anticipated to focus on Mirana and Davion’s child. Most likely, their offspring will be born as a receptacle for all eight Eldwurms. Since Invoker has completed his objectives, it seems the future will be rather gloomy. The forthcoming season is also anticipated to feature a significant role for Filomena, especially now that her injuries have healed.

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