Disney+ unveils star-studded Kdramas and upcoming new BTS documentary

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In a recent press release on Monday, Kim So-youn, the managing director of The Walt Disney Company Korea, announced Disney+’s highly anticipated Korean originals lineup for the latter half of this year. Among the exciting offerings are the star-studded action series titled “Moving” and the much-anticipated music documentary, “BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star,” featuring the global K-pop sensation BTS. As the demand for Korean stories continues to grow worldwide, we are confident that our carefully curated selection of originals will captivate audiences both domestically and internationally.

Disney+ unveils star-studded Kdramas and upcoming new BTS documentary
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Disney+ Partners with HYBE to Release BTS Documentary

Disney+ expressed their enthusiasm for collaborating with Korea’s creative community and leading production houses to showcase exceptional storytelling from Korea on their platform.

Based on the popular webcomics by Kang Full, the highly anticipated series “Moving” features a star-studded cast including Zo In-sung, Han Hyo-joo, and Ryu Seung-ryong. It follows a group of teenagers with supernatural abilities who, along with their parents harboring a painful secret, confront dark forces and a mysterious assassin. Directed by Park In-je, known for his work on the second season of Netflix’s hit series “Kingdom,” “Moving” is set to premiere on August 9.

In addition, Disney+ will present three more action series: “The Worst of Evil,” “Vigilante,” and “Han River Police.” “The Worst of Evil,” set in 1990s Seoul, revolves around a police officer named Park Joon-mo (played by Ji Chang-wook) who infiltrates a gang responsible for a new drug circulating in the city’s nightclubs. Wi Ha-jun takes on the role of the gang’s new boss. Filmmaker Han Dong-wook, known for his work on the romance film “Man in Love,” will make his series debut with “The Worst of Evil.”

Disney+ unveils star-studded Kdramas and upcoming new BTS documentary
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Disney+ to Showcase Exciting New Korean Series in the Coming Months

The crime action series “Vigilante,” based on the webcomics of the same name, follows Jiyong (Nam Joo-huk), a police academy student who becomes a vigilante to bring justice to criminals. Directed by Choi Jung-yeol, known for “Start-Up,” the series explores Jiyong’s dual identity as a model student by day and a vigilante by night.

Disney+ unveils star-studded Kdramas and upcoming new BTS documentary

Directed by Kim Sang-chul, the upcoming comedy action series “Han River Police” revolves around a police precinct that patrols the river. Kwon Sang-woo and Kim Hee-won play police officers who handle crimes and emergencies, including terrorist incidents.

“BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star” is a new documentary about the global pop icon group BTS. It will provide unprecedented access to their music, footage from their career, and insights into their daily lives and future plans. The documentary is part of Disney’s collaboration with HYBE, the artists’ agency.

Disney+ will also release the second season of the romance series “Soundtrack #1.” The upcoming season, titled “Soundtrack #2,” focuses on the love story between two college sweethearts who reunite years after their breakup. Director Kim Hee-won returns to helm the second season.

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