Devil in Ohio Ending, Explained: Why Does Mae Set Up Her Sacrifice?

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The central character of Netflix’s horror series “Devil in Ohio,” which is based on the same-titled novel by Daria Polatin, is Mae Dodd, an adolescent who flees a sect that worships Lucifer. Dr. Suzanne Mathis, a psychiatrist, treats Mae and eventually takes care of her until she finds a foster family. The Polatin-created story follows the repercussions of Mae’s attempts to rebel against the cult, including the perilous situations the Mathis family finds itself in. The captivating series comes to a close with startling revelations and developments that are sure to leave the viewers with many unanswered concerns. Let us attempt to respond to them for you!

Devil in Ohio Recap

Devil in Ohio Ending, Explained: Why Does Mae Set Up Her Sacrifice?
Devil in Ohio © Netflix

After seeing Mae’s struggles, Suzanne begins to reflect on her upbringing and her controlling stepfather. Mae’s welfare takes precedence over time with Suzanne’s own girls because she wants to make sure that Mae does not struggle in the same way that she did. The three girls begin to accuse Mae of robbing them of their mother. Lopez learns that Mae is the daughter of the cult’s leader, Malachi Dodd, and that Amontown is the home of a religious cult. When Suzanne is informed of this by the investigator, she begins to research the cult and learns that it goes by the name “Devil’s Own.”

Lopez learns that several unsolved arson cases implicate the cult’s members. He meets a witness named James Dressler to help solve the case because he believes that these cases will enable him to infiltrate the cult and learn more about it. James reveals to Lopez and Suzanne that he once belonged to Mae’s cult, and he informs them that Mae is the victim Lucifer has chosen to appease in order to heal her father Malachi’s illness and help the cult overcome its challenges. Malachi urges his son Noah to kidnap Jules as payback for the Mathis family defending Mae from him, but Mae recognizes the threat and defends Jules.

A building that Peter, the spouse of Suzanne, wishes to sell is destroyed by Malachi’s men. Peter thinks Mae’s followers might be responsible for the fire. Because he no longer wants to live with Mae, he asks Suzanne to let her into a foster home. Lopez disproves a detective’s theory that Peter personally set fire to the building by demonstrating that the cult is to blame. Mae can move into a place that Suzanne discovers, but Malachi kidnaps his daughter and plans to sacrifice her. Mae is spared by Suzanne from being burned alive by Malachi and his followers.

Devil in Ohio Ending: Why Does Mae Set Up Her Sacrifice?

Devil in Ohio Ending, Explained: Why Does Mae Set Up Her Sacrifice?
Devil in Ohio © Netflix

Malachi and Mae are saved from death, and Suzanne is happy to have the former back in her life. Lopez phones Suzanne a few days after the full moon day to inform her that Mae was not triggered by Malachi or his cult members with white roses. In security footage, Mae is seen changing red roses with white ones in an effort to support the claim that the cult members kidnapped her in order to sacrifice her. Additionally, Lopez finds the car Mae used to travel to Amontown. Mae purposefully put herself in danger, Suzanne realizes, forcing the latter to put her own life in danger.

In order to be with Suzanne for good, Mae takes advantage of Malachi’s willingness to sacrifice her. Suzanne lets Mae know that she has a place for her to move into before the full moon day. Mae breaks down in tears because she doesn’t want to lose Suzanne and her generosity. Mae finds care and security with Suzanne, and she is not prepared to lose it after living with parents who don’t mind killing her and a brother who won’t shield her. She therefore devises a strategy to persuade Suzanne to permit her to remain with the latter.

Mae thinks Suzanne will come looking for her, so she goes back to Malachi and her cult. She makes the decision to vanish while the yearly dance takes place in hopes that Jules will notice and alert her mother. Mae must have believed that Suzanne would never be able to let go of her once she realized the harm the cult posed to her life. Despite the fact that Mae’s plot may have failed and she died, Suzanne does show up in the town and saves her as the former desired. After witnessing Mae nearly avoid death, the doctor decides against placing her in an unknown facility or foster home.

In the end, Mae receives more than enough compensation for the risk she took. After they leave the cult, she becomes Suzanne’s lone “daughter” as Helen, Jules, and Dani begin to live apart from Peter. Mae sets up Suzanne’s sacrifice by robbing her of her own girls and spouse so that she might feel the psychiatrist’s love on her own. The truth, though, may alter Lopez’s course in life.

Do Suzanne and Peter Break Up?

Peter finds himself unable to accept Suzanne’s choice to accept Mae back into her life. The lives of Peter, his three daughters, and most crucially, his wife, have all been put in danger by Mae either directly or indirectly. Even despite all the difficulties, Peter and Suzanne temporarily sever their relationship when they witness Suzanne bringing her back into their lives. However, they haven’t split up and don’t have any plans to. Peter is keeping Mae and the potential threats to their lives away from himself and their girls. A brief separation also allows Suzanne the opportunity to focus on her personal growth and figure out how Mae will live her life moving forward.

Only Mae’s absence from Suzanne and Peter’s lives can bring them together again. Peter is anticipating seeing his wife again as soon as Mae is removed from the psychiatrist’s life. In order to protect her husband and daughters, Suzanne may decide to break up with Mae after realizing that she had been duped by her by arranging the sacrifice. If that’s the case, Suzanne will probably leave Mae and go back to her family.

However, Suzanne finds it difficult to make such a choice. Even after the potentially fatal situations Suzanne’s husband and kids had to deal with because of Mae, if she is willing to temporarily abandon them for the sake of the girl, it indicates that she has a very unhealthy relationship with her.

Where Do Malachi and Other Devil’s Own Members Go?

By killing Sheriff Wilkins, Detective Lopez intervened to save Suzanne and Mae and also provided him with tangible proof to look into Malachi. When he arrives at Amontown with a search warrant, he discovers that the community has been abandoned. Even though the leader and members of Devil’s Own leave their initial town, they might not have traveled very far. Amontown is a holy place for the cult, according to their holy book, The Book of Covenants. They cannot leave their holy land and settle in a foreign country. The most likely answer is that, in order to be true to their scripture, they had to re-establish their cult in a different area of Amon County.

Malachi and his followers must have been sufficiently frightened by Mae’s escape, the destroyed church, and Wilkins’ passing to abandon their present colony. Despite being compelled to move, they might be protected by their power and influence from Lopez’s ongoing inquiry. Mae is still a chosen one, therefore they might even think about kidnapping her if she’s still alive.

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