Succession Season 4: First HBO teaser trailer promises open family warfare

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The hit HBO series “Succession” about the power struggles of the Roy family brings us a fourth season. Now the streaming service has released a first teaser trailer that promises an ongoing family war.

  • “Succession” is getting a fourth season from HBO. This will be shown on Sky Atlantic, WOW and Sky Q in spring 2023.
  • After the 10 episodes of Season 4, however, it could possibly be over.
  • The streaming service has now released a promising first teaser trailer.

The drama series ” Succession ” is the new workhorse of the US streaming service HBO Max . The series about the media empire of family patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and his 4 children is extremely popular and will therefore soon be in its 4th season. Now, with the first teaser trailer, the streaming service offers us a glimpse of what awaits us in the new episodes.

Succession Season 4: Launch

“Succession” is getting a 4th season on the US streaming service HBO Max. The new 10 episodes will start there in spring 2023 .

Succession Season 4: Trailer

HBO has now released a first teaser trailer. In the short clip, we see Logan feeling sorry for his enemies. While he refers to the people who oppose him as “dwarfs”, he confidently sees himself as a “giant”. We also get a first glimpse of the “Rebel Alliance” that is now forming, consisting of Shiv, Roman, Kendall and Connor.

Succession Season 4: Storyline

Season 4 picks up where Season 3 left off. Logan decides to consider Matsson’s offer to buy Waystar-Royco. In Logan’s eyes, selling the company means he wins and his kids lose the opportunity.

Recovering from their defeat, Kendall, Roman and Shiv must come up with a new plan. In the new episodes we will now see an open family war, as the Roys will not simply accept a future in which their cultural and political weight is severely restricted.

In addition, there should also be problems for Shiv in her marriage. The final scenes of the season 3 finale suggest that Tom warned Logan about his children’s plan to band together against him.

Succession: Is it over after season 4?

The 3rd edition of “Succession” has just aired in the US. The ratings went up by 13 percent compared to season 2. The “buzz” around the HBO show probably convinced those responsible for the station. The ensemble of actors has recently graced a number of front pages and magazine covers in the USA.

In view of the positive extension news, however, the question arises as to how many seasons “Succession” will end up. Author Georgia Pritchett has already told the Sunday Times that a maximum of 5 seasons is possible . But maybe, according to Pritchett, there will only be 4 in the end.

Succession Season 4: Cast

Brian Cox as Logan Roy, Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy, Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, and Alan Ruck as Connor Roy are also expected to return in Season 4.

Also expected to be cast are Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans, Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch aka Cousin Greg and J. Smith-Cameron as Gerri Kellman. Alexander Skarsgård (Lukas Matsson), Justine Lupe (Willa) and Arian Moayed (Stewy) may have guest appearances.

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