Emily in Paris Season 4: Release Date, Plot, Cast and News

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No sooner has the third season arrived than fans can cheer again, because “Emily in Paris” is going into the fourth round. We have summarized all the information here.

The RomCom series from the makers of “Sex and the City” enjoys great popularity: Emily’s colorful life in Paris now counts three seasons and a fourth is currently in the works. When can you bing on, what’s it about this time and who’s in it?

Emily in Paris Story

Romance from “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star. Emily (Lily Collins) gets the chance of a lifetime when she is transferred to a Parisian luxury company for a year. There she meets an irresistible neighbor (Lucas Bravo) and a lot of exhausting Frenchmen. The series serves many clichés, but is harmless, charming and irresistible thanks to Lily Collins. And let’s be honest: aren’t we all longing for a break in Paris?

Emily in Paris Season 4 Trailer

The season 4 Trailer is not released yet, we will update it here, once it’s released.

Emily in Paris Season 4: Release date

The new episodes have been in production since last year, but a concrete release date for the fourth season is not yet known. If the new season’s release is based on the last ones, it could be this year in the run-up to Christmas.

From the sounds of it, this season is not supposed to be the end of the series either. According to Darren Star, it could be continued indefinitely, depending on how long everyone involved wants to continue. Netflix probably also has something to say about that.

Emily in Paris Season 4 Plot: What is it about?

In season 3, Emily (Lily Collins) was not only juggling two jobs at once, but also found herself in ever greater chaos in her personal life. Love-wise, she had actually landed in a safe haven with Alfie (Lucien Laviscount). Had it not been for Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), everything could have been harmonious. Due to a new emotional turmoil, not only his wedding with Camille (Camille Razat) fell through, but also Emily’s relationship. The end of the story: Alfie is fed up, Camile is pregnant, and Emily and Gabriel are single again. So the best conditions for the writers to pick up right where they left off. Series creator Darren Star confirmed that the upcoming season will focus primarily on how the various relationships come into conflict with each other.

Emily in Paris Season 4 Cast: Who’s in season 4?

Of course, there’s no Emily without Lily – that Lily Collins will continue to fill her leading role is beyond question. Especially, we can probably also count on Lucas Bravo, who now moves to the forefront as her ‘love interest’. After Alfie and Emily broke up, it is questionable whether Lucien Laviscount will be seen as much in the fourth season as he was in the previous one. Camille Razat as the now expectant mother will also continue to be seen, perhaps even with a baby in the new episodes. Also definitely returning is Ashley Park, whose storyline continues as Mindy, and Samuel Arnold as Emily’s colleague Julien is getting a bigger gig it looks like.

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