Delicious in Dungeon: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer – All You Need to Know!

Spoilers ahead for Delicious in Dungeon.

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Delicious in Dungeon, also known as ‘Hepburn: Danjon Meshi’ is a brand-new anime series based on the Japanese fantasy comedy seinen manga series written and illustrated by Ryoko Kui. In August 2022, it was announced that the series would be receiving an anime television series adaptation by Studio Trigger. 

With more than 500,000 copies of the manga sold, fans are excited that the series is finally getting an anime adaptation. The series will be licensed by Netflix for a worldwide release. Delicious in Dungeon is based on a similar genre of animes like ‘Our Dating Story’, ‘More than a Married Couple’ and ‘Mashle’. Here’s everything you need to know about Delicious in Dungeon. 

Delicious in Dungeon

Delicious in Dungeon: Release Date

Kadokawa has launched the official teaser for the anime which revealed that Delicious in Dungeon is all set to release in January 2024. No official release date for the anime was revealed, but the series will be premiering next year on Netflix. Studio Trigger will be producing the anime. ‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’, which received multiple awards, was also done by Studio Trigger. 

Delicious in Dungeon: Plot and What to Expect?

Based on the manga, the anime will follow the lives of Laios (a Tallman swordsman) who loses his sister to a dragon in a dungeon while fighting monsters. He along with Chilchuck and Marcille try to find Laios’ sister, Falin, whose magical powers they rely on to get out of the dungeon. 

Delicious in Dungeon

With their resources slowly running out, they decide that the only way they can sustain themselves in the dungeon is by finding food inside the dungeon. Laios who secretly wants to eat the dungeon monsters, presents Chilchuck and Marcille with a cookbook, to convince them of his plan.

They agree reluctantly and return to the dungeon where they meet Senshi, a dwarf who for 10 years has been in the dungeon, cooking monsters. It will be interesting to see how they manage to tackle the monster delicacies while also trying to find Falin and save her from the dragon. 

Delicious in Dungeon

Delicious in Dungeon: Cast

As per the manga, here’s a look at all the characters in Delicious in Dungeon along with their voice actors. 

  • Laios (Kentaro Kumagai)
  • Marcille (Sayaka Senbogi)
  • Chilchuck (Asuna Tomari)
  • Senshi (Hiroshi Naka)
  • Falin
  • Izutsumi
  • Kensuke
  • Namari
  • Shuro
  • Kabru

Delicious in Dungeon: Trailer

No official trailer is out but Kodukawa has released an official teaser for the anime. We expect the full trailer to be out in the coming months as the anime is set to release in January 2024. Delicious in Dungeon will be exclusively available on Netflix.

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