Day Shift Ending, Explained: Does Bud Save His Family?

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J. J. Perry, who is directing “Day Shift” on Netflix, is a well-known stuntman and second-unit director in Hollywood who has worked on several “John Wick” films, “Fast and Furious” films, and the “Shadow and Bone” TV series. With “Day Shift,” he makes his directing debut. Bud Jablonski is at the center of the San Fernando Valley-based narrative (Jamie Foxx). His daughter and ex-wife, as well as the general public, think he runs a pool cleaning business.

He’s actually one of the best vampire hunters in California. Before she decides to move to Florida due to the rising prices, Bud convinces his ex-wife Jocelyn (Meagan Good) to give him a few days so he can gather the money they require for their daughter Paige’s school tuition and braces. When Audrey (Karla Souza), an experienced and powerful vampire, finds out that Bud killed her daughter, she swears to get right with him. You may get all the information you need about “Day Shift’s” finale right here.

Spoilers ahead!

Day Shift Plot Synopsis

Day Shift Ending, Explained: Does Bud Save His Family?
Day Shift © Netflix

When living in a large metropolis like Los Angeles, Bud can at first appear to be simply another blue-collar father. He struggles to make ends meet in a place where the cost of living appears to be beyond the means of the typical man. Bud is not an ordinary man, despite the fact that he struggles like an ordinary man. Bud hunts vampires, and he’s really adept at it. As already mentioned, neither Paige nor Jocelyn are aware of this. They all think he has a pool cleaning business.

The world-building of “Day Shift” is extremely intricate despite the unoriginality of the story. The two main sides at odds are the vampires and the vampire hunter union. Bud isn’t a union member when the movie opens. It appears that his departure was brought on by his actions, reckless attitude, and general disregard for the organization’s policies and procedures. He used to be a part of it.

In “Day Shift,” there are five distinct categories of vampires: Southern, Eastern, Spider, Uber, and Juvenile. Although vampires are mostly solitary beings, in groups there is a definite hierarchy based on age. Due of their inability to reproduce, vampires increase their population through converting humans. Stronger familiars are used by vampires with greater strength. The familiars of vampires. The sun is the one thing vampires in “Day Shift” dread, yet they have started wearing sunscreen, allowing them to spend a small amount of time in the sun. Silver weapons are deadly to them, and wood poisons them. Garlic should not be consumed by vampires.

After slaying two vampires, including one that resembles an elderly woman, and removing their fangs, Bud finds out about Jocelyn’s decision. He makes the trip to Troy in an effort to sell the fangs since he desperately needs money. Because Troy’s offer is too low, Bud begs Big John Elliott (Snoop Dogg), a well-known hunter and old buddy, for help in rejoining the union.

While reluctantly allowing Bud admission, Ralph Seegar, the current president of the union’s Los Angeles chapter, warns him that he would be permanently suspended if he violates any one of the union’s bylaws. Seth (Dave Franco), an office assistant who has never worked in the field, is also given the task by Seegar of accompanying Bud on each mission. When Seth expresses his worries, Seegar reassures him that if he succeeds in overthrowing Bud’sud, Seth will be elevated.

But not everything that occurs in the Los Angeles vampire subculture is made clear in this film. Audrey says that during the Aztec Empire, vampires were worshipped as gods and offered blood sacrifices. Her major objective is to bring the world back to order. The identity of the elderly vampire that Bud killed at the start of the film is revealed to Audreysey’s daughter. After finding out what has occurred, Audrey begins on a path of vengeance. She tortures Troy and learns where Bud is before killing him.

Day Shift Ending: Does Bud Save His Family?

Day Shift Ending, Explained: Does Bud Save His Family?
Day Shift © Netflix

Bud actually protects his family. As we discover throughout the course of the film, the conflict between the union and vampires is taking place all over the world. At least three other vampire hunters are introduced in the film in addition to Bud and Seth. The Nazarian brothers (Steve Howey and Scott Adkins) help Bud destroy a vampire nest, and Big John is crucial in assisting Bud in reclaiming his family. He fights some of Audrey’s goons and looks to lose his life, but the film’s conclusion reveals that he is still alive, indicating that he is also a vampire.

Audrey is a vampire on Uber. Decapitation and fire are the two most effective ways to kill vampires, though hunters are afraid to use fire because it harms fangs. Additionally, beheading Uber Vampires is ineffectual on its own. Before using silver to decapitate a UVampire, a hunter must first puncture their heart with wood. That is what Audrey experiences. At first, Bud doesn’t live up to Audrey’s expectations. Jocelyn then uses a wooden stick to stab Audrey in the back. Bud then uses his silver-plated wire to cut off Audrey’s head after fooling her into charging at him.

Bud has enough fangs from the entire incident that he can stay in Los Angeles. Paige and Jocelyn can too. Despite the fact that he and Jocedon’ton don’t immediately make amends, there is still hope for the future. Bud pledges that he will be open with Jocelyn going forward.

What Does Audrey Want?

Day Shift Ending, Explained: Does Bud Save His Family?
Day Shift © Netflix

As was already stated, Audrey is an Uber Vampire. Under the appearance of being a high-end realtor, she is buying homes in the Valley with the intention of relocating vampires among humans. She intends to depose the mysterious El Jefe, a 700-year-old vampire who rules over all vampires in Los Angeles, within a year. She sends Heather (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), a vampire she turned, to keep an eye on Bud. However, Heather veers off course and joins Bud and Seth in their effort to bring back Bud’s family.

Prior to having her child, Audrey emigrated to the US. Her daughter was already an adult when she eventually came back. Because of this, she appears to be much older than her mother. Audrey initially intended to create an ideal vampire world for her daughter. One of the vampires she will probably conflict with is El Jefe. As a result, we see ammo in her stockpile meant to kill vampires. Even though she had planned for every eventuality, her need for retaliation ultimately led to her demise.

Is Seth Really Dead?

Day Shift Ending, Explained: Does Bud Save His Family?
Day Shift © Netflix

Most likely because of Audrey, Seth turns into a vampire. Given that Audrey is a vampire, Seth becomes one as well. Because of this, he survives even after Bud amputates his head. He is first highly unpredictable and tries to attack accidently. But as soon as he gathers himself, he joins the nighttime attack on Audrey and her lieutenants.

Bud fights Audrey while Seth and Heather engage Klaus, Audrey’s vampiric right-hand man. When they finally remove Klaus’ hands, Seth kills him. He then helps Bud deal with Seegar. Seth claims that once Seegar advises him that he won’t get the promotion he wants, he now prefers to work in the field. Given the situation, that is probably the best option for everyone.