‘Based on a True Story’ on Peacock: Delving into the Intriguing Character of Matt

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Tom Bateman takes on a mysterious role in the dark comedy “Based on a True Story” on Peacock. In the film, which features a satirical portrayal of a serial killer, Bateman portrays the character involved in committing heinous acts. While acknowledging the moral dilemma of playing such a role, Bateman finds that the film’s comedic nature allows for a light-hearted and parodic approach.

'Based On A True Story' On Peacock: Delving Into The Intriguing Character Of Matt
Tom Bateman In ‘Based On A True Story.’ Courtesy Of Peacock

Tom Bateman’s Captivating Portrayal of Matt, the Westside Ripper, in “Based on a True Story”

In the series, Tom Bateman portrays the character of Matt, also known as the Westside Ripper, a fictional serial killer set in Los Angeles. Ave (Kaley Cuoco) and Nathan (Chris Messina), a struggling married couple, stumble upon Matt’s secret and manipulate him into participating in their million-dollar idea for a true-crime podcast. Bateman describes the role as having minimal boundaries on set, as the character is characterized by unpredictability and volatility. This allowed him the freedom to explore a range of behaviors, from being charming one moment to terrifying the next, leaving viewers intrigued by Matt’s enigmatic nature.

From Pinch-Me Moments to Unforgettable Experiences: Tom Bateman’s Journey on the Universal Studios Lot in “Based on a True Story”

Tom Bateman, the British actor who adopts an American accent for the show Based on a True Story, expressed that this project marked his first major television series in America. He mentioned that he had never experienced anything quite like it before. Bateman particularly cherished the opportunity to work on the iconic Universal Studios lot.

Each morning, driving through the gates and witnessing the sets where renowned films like “Psycho” and “Jurassic Park” were created was a surreal experience for him. He confessed that it felt like a pinch-me moment, and even on his last day, the excitement never faded. “Based on a True Story” is created by Craig Rosenberg and executive produced by Jason Bateman and Michael Costigan’s Aggregate Films.

'Based On A True Story' On Peacock: Delving Into The Intriguing Character Of Matt
Tom Bateman With Kaley Cuoco And Chris Messina. Courtesy Of Peacock

Tom Bateman’s Curiosity: Exploring the Depths of a Serial Killer’s Character in another season

Tom Bateman says to THR during an Interview “I have a keen interest in delving deeper into the character’s motivations and background. Craig and I had extensive discussions before filming began to explore who this individual truly is and where he originates from. In the podcast within the show, we gradually learn about the first person he killed, but it was a deliberate creative choice to maintain an air of mystery surrounding him.

It would be fascinating to further explore his personal life, such as observing him at home with his child. When did he begin his murderous acts, and what compelled him to embark on this dark path?

Additionally, I would relish the opportunity to see him face some challenging situations. The enjoyable aspect of portraying Matt was that he seemed to constantly stay two steps ahead of everyone, exhibiting a cool and collected demeanor with a notably low heart rate. However, it would be intriguing to ignite some urgency and pressure in his life, pushing him into a corner without an escape route. How would a serial killer react when faced with such dire circumstances?

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