Crunchyroll shows “Tokyo Revengers” a live-action film adaptation

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The streaming service Crunchyroll has further increased its catalogue: The first live-action film of “Tokyo Revengers” is available on demand in Japanese dubbing with English subtitles. You can watch a trailer further down in this article.

Tokyo Revengers Sequel Already Announced

The live-action film, which lasts about two hours, was created under the direction of director Tsutomu Hanabusa (“Grand Blue,” “Real Girl”) and premiered in Japanese theaters on July 9, 2021. Izumi Takahashi was responsible for the screenplay, while Yutaka Yamada composed the music.

The flick grossed a total of 4.38 billion yen (roughly 30.24 million euros), making it the highest-grossing live-action film of 2021 in Japan. A two-part sequel adapting the “Bloody Halloween” arc will open in theaters on April 21 and June 30, 2023.

In addition to the live-action adaptation, Crunchyroll will also offer the 24-episode first season of the anime adaptation on demand from LIDENFILMS with English and Japanese voiceovers. The second season, which started on Japanese TV in January 2023, can be seen on Disney+ in simulcast.

Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Trailer

Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Visual

Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Visual
© Tokyo Revengers Production Committee

Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Storyline

Takemichi has hit rock bottom in life: the only girlfriend he ever had during middle school has been killed by an evil gang. One day after this bad news, a crowd of people on the train platform pushes him onto the tracks.

Although he quickly comes to terms with his death, a moment later he opens his eyes to find that he has traveled back in time! Now he decides to rewrite the future and save his friend Hinata from her terrible fate.

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