Critical prognosis on the anime industry did not come true

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Eight years ago, Hideaki Anno, creator and director of the “Neon Genesis Evangelion” series, predicted the demise of the anime industry. So far, however, nothing in this direction has emerged. We summarize below.

Decline of the anime industry

Decline Of The Anime Industry

The outcry was huge when renowned director Hideaki Anno predicted the imminent demise of the Japanese anime industry in 2015. In five years at the latest, Japan would no longer play a significant role in anime production and would be replaced by other Asian countries. He saw Taiwan in particular as the biggest competitor at that time.

After eight years, however, we can now rest assured that Hideaki Anno was fortunately wrong and we can continue to enjoy new anime series from Japan in abundance every season. Even a global event such as the COVID-19 pandemic was able to be absorbed, even though it took its toll on the anime industry, especially at the beginning.

And even with regard to the much-criticized working conditions, a small positive trend can be seen at least here and there, even though foreign studios are indeed clearly ahead in this respect and have been able to successfully win over some Japanese professionals.

Nevertheless, no predicted decline is currently foreseeable. Nevertheless, the problems mentioned are homemade and those responsible should not close their eyes to them for too long, so that the world can continue to enjoy anime for many years to come.

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