Christopher Nolan reveals how he sees AI as NOT a threat

Nolan talks more about the potential of AI for the film Industry.

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Christopher Nolan is renowned for his intricate story-telling and visually stunning cinematography. His upcoming movie ‘Oppenheimer’ could be the director’s best work to date. Oppenheimer is a biopic based on the American theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer who helped the United States develop the first nuclear weapons.

For filming Oppenheimer, Nolan has made use of IMAX 65MM and 65MM Large format film, for the first time in cinematic history. It will be interesting to see Christopher Nolan who often makes use of very less to No CGI (Computer Generated Images) in his movies, tackle the nuclear explosion in Oppenheimer. 

Oppenheimer starring Cillian Murphy in the lead role, along with Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Rami Malek, and Kenneth Branagh is said to release in theatres on July 21, 2023.

Christopher Nolan BTS Oppenheimer
Oppenheimer Behind The Scenes Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon © Universal Studios.

Christopher Nolan on AI and more

In an interview with WIRED, Nolan talks about how after filming each movie he learns more from them, his thoughts on AI, and what Oppenheimer can have in store for the fans. Christopher revealed that Oppenheimer was a potential film and that only until recently was it possible.

“Oppenheimer’s story has been with me for years. It’s just an incredible idea—people doing these calculations, and looking at the relationship between theory and the real world, and deciding there’s a very small possibility they’re going to destroy the entire world. And yet they pushed the button.” said Nolan

When asked about how he feels about AI and its potential to take over jobs, Nolan didn’t seem much worried about it.

“I feel that AI can still be a very powerful tool for us. I’m optimistic about that. I really am. But we have to view it as a tool. The person who wields it still has to maintain responsibility for wielding that tool. If we accord AI the status of a human being, the way at some point legally we did with corporations, then yes, we’re going to have huge problems.” said Nolan. 

Christopher Nolan BTS Interstellar
Interstellar Behind The Scenes Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon – © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and Paramount Pictures Corporation

Christopher Nolan believes that AI will be an extraordinary step forward in visual effects in the near future. However, when asked if he would be willing to take advantage of AI, he replies by saying that he is an old analog fusty filmmaker who still shoots on film and that he wants to use technology for the best and not to replace something. 

Christopher Nolan said that Oppenheimer could be a milestone in the cinematic viewing experience.

“It is an intense experience, because it’s an intense story. I showed it to a filmmaker recently who said it’s kind of a horror movie. I don’t disagree. But as I started to finish the film, I started to feel this color that’s not in my other films, just darkness. It’s there. The film fights against that.”

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