Burger Photo with Makima Goes Viral and Causes a Stir

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KFC Spain’s Twitter account came under fire a few days ago after it shared a burger photo featuring a character of Makima from “Chainsaw Man” What happened?

KFC Uses Someone Else’s Image

Fast food giant KFC is well known among internet users due to its social media strategy of sharing memes and anime-related content. In this context, they also recently uploaded an image showing a burger next to a small Makima character.

While the tweet initially generated enthusiasm among anime enthusiasts and fast food lovers, the mood tipped when it became known that KFC had used the photo from another Twitter account without consent or citation of the source. KFC then added the source, hoping to put the issue to rest, but the shitstorm only escalated.

The eagle eyes of the Internet users did not fail to notice that the picture had also been edited. KFC never claimed that it was a burger from one of their restaurants, but the circumstances make this seem obvious.

In fact, however, it is a burger from the Japanese fast food chain Lotteria. However, to disguise this, the wrapping paper and the burger patty were subsequently edited. As usual, you can see a comparison of the original image and the image uploaded by the Spanish KFC offshoot at the end of this article.

Comparison Images:

KFC uses someone else's imageKFC uses someone else's image

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