Black Bird Season 2: Will It return?

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The criminal drama “Black Bird” for Apple TV+ is based on “In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption” by James “Jimmy” Keene and Hillel Levin. Will Black Bird season 2 exist? Let’s find out!

It tells the true tale of Jimmy Keene, who is convicted of drug offenses. Jimmy is given the chance to be released from prison in exchange for getting Larry Hall, a suspected serial murderer, to confess to killing Tricia Reitler and provide the location of her said corpse.

The program was created by Dennis Lehane and debuted in July 2022. The crime thriller has garnered a ton of praise from both critics and viewers, who lauded Paul Walter Hauser’s portrayal of Larry Hall, the captivating story, and the accurate portrayal of the true story. Fans of the show must be eagerly anticipating news about the second season after an excellent first episode.

Black Bird Season 1 Plot Story

Black Bird Season 2: Will It Return?
Black Bird © Apple TV+

Jimmy Keene strikes a deal with the FBI to attend a maximum-security facility for the criminally insane and become friends with a suspected serial killer named Larry Hall after receiving a sentence of 10 years without parole in a minimum security facility (Paul Walter Hauser). In order to put an end to Hall’s appeal and find the bodies of up to 18 women, Keene needs to persuade Hall to confess.

Black Bird Season 2 Potential Release Date

Black Bird Season 2: Will It Return?
Black Bird © Apple TV+

Beginning on July 8, 2022, “Black Bird” Season 1 was available on Apple TV+ through August 5, 2022. The first season consists of six 54–60 minute episodes.

Here is what we know about the possibility of the second season. It appears that the second season of “Black Bird” was previously ruled out before the first season was shown because the miniseries version of the show was promoted on Apple TV+ (Pachinko Season 2). The main plot of the short-lived series is resolved by the end of the sixth episode, probably leaving little possibility for a second season.

The main plot of “Black Bird” is on Jimmy Keene’s attempts to make friends with Larry Hall in order to get him to confess to killing Tricia Reitler and reveal where she was allegedly found dead. The sixth episode of the show shows Jimmy’s eventual liberation from Springfield and his half mission completion. There isn’t much room for a narrative continuation as Jimmy’s goal is completed and he is set free, so the producers are unlikely to approve a second season.

Additionally, the first season of the show thoroughly covers the Jimmy and Levin source text, demonstrating another another reason why fans shouldn’t hold out for the second. After Levin’s release from prison, Jimmy meets up with his father James “Big Jim” Keene, and the book by Jimmy and Levin comes to a close. The show’s central character Jimmy’s plot concludes in the same manner. It is improbable that Black Bird season 2 will ever be produced in light of these facts.

Despite the fact that other limited series have already been approved due to the success of the first installment, such “The Sinner” and “Big Little Lies,” to mention just two, the possibility of the same thing occurring in the case of Black Bird season 2 is extremely remote. The show’s creator, Dennis Lehane, might consider making a prequel series to show what Larry was like before to Jessica Roach’s death and his imprisonment. Lehane might decide against working on one even if he wanted to create such a program because there are no resources or a source text available.

Lehane hasn’t disclosed any plans to produce a follow-up season or show, so the only thing we can anticipate from the renowned novelist is the first season of the show. The well-regarded novelist Lehane may eventually concentrate on adapting one of his own works.