Baymax: Release Date, Cast, and Bigger Bolder News Of The Show!

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Baymax from Big Hero 6 was one of the films that certainly stands out from the crowd is the 2014 Oscar-winning superhero film “Big Hero 6.” Based on the Marvel property, “Big Hero 6” follows the uber-intelligent Hiro Hamada, who, alongside a friendly healthcare robot created by his late brother, Baymax, and a band of quirky friends, forms a superhero team to take on a mysterious masked figure that is causing havoc. The film managed to be beloved by both critics and audiences, earning a 90% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes and over $650 million worldwide

It would only seem natural, then, that such a high-flying superhero film with proven success would be Disney’s next big franchise. While talks of a sequel film have been circling (via MTV) and a three-season 2D-animated television series on Disney Channel was produced, a new project starring the lovable cast of San Fransokyo is about to land. It’s none other than “Baymax!,” an upcoming 3D-animated series set to premiere on Disney+. With two trailers released, it’s time we take a look at what we know so far.

When is Baymax released?

Baymax © Disney

All six episodes of Season 1 of “Baymax!” are scheduled to be released on Disney+ on June 29. Originally, intended to come out in fall 2021 (via Variety), the series has been moved to its summer 2022 date for unknown reasons, although it was likely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The series was announced on December 10, 2020, for Disney (Moon Knight Season 2) Investor Day, alongside numerous other properties that would also be receiving spin-offs and follow-ups, including “Moana: The Series,” “Zootopia+,” and “Tiana” (based on “The Princess and the Frog”), as well as Pixar-centered spin-off series such as “Dug Days” (based on “Up”) and a series based on the “Cars” franchise.

Notable also is that “Baymax!” will be the first animated series created by Walt Disney Animation Studios, which is more accustomed to pumping out short and feature films. Previously, most animated series were handled by outside divisions such as Walt Disney Television Animation.

What’s the story of Baymax?

Baymax © Disney

Being a follow-up to “Big Hero 6,” it would only make sense that “Baymax!” would share much of its voice cast with that of the film. Confirmed to return are Ryan Potter as Hiro, Maya Rudolph as Hiro’s aunt Cass, and Scott Adsit as Baymax (via IGN).

Along with the returning players, the show introduces a variety of new faces to San Fransokyo. Emily Kuroda, Lilimar, Zeno Robinson, and Jaboukie Young-White are among the new names added to the cast of the series. While it’s unknown who any of them are playing, the trailers have showcased Baymax interacting with a number of characters, and there’s a good chance they’ll be voiced by some of the freshly revealed talent.

Many of the original film’s other colorful characters, such as Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez), Go Go (Jamie Chung), Wasabi (Damon Wayons Jr.), and Fred (T.J. Miller), remain absent from any trailers or promotional materials thus far, so it’s probably safe to assume that their voice actors won’t be returning for this go-around.

With the tagline, “saving the world, one patient at a time,” the first trailer features several adorable highlights of Baymax doing some good, including helping an older woman find somewhere to exercise and giving a 20-minute seminar on how to apply Band-Aids to an elementary school class. One of the funniest moments is seeing Baymax’s innocent yet misguided attempts to help Aunt Cass run the café after she sprains her ankle.

The second trailer gives us our first glimpse of Hiro, who awakens to find that Baymax is missing. We also get a few extra bits with the older woman from the first trailer and meet a food truck owner who has hurt his hand as well as a stray cat. The trailer ends on a hilarious note, with Baymax saying in an odd voice, “Everything will be fine,” as he leaves to take care of the café for Cass.

It appears that the show will be leaving behind the high-flying, superhero-action angle of its comic origins and the 2014 film. Does that mean it’s not worth checking out? Of course not! Whether he’s fighting crime or working in health care, as long as Baymax is the same sweet-hearted, caring robot we’ve come to love, we’re ready for whatever the show has to bring.

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