Moon Knight Season 2: Release date, plot and cast

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After the finale of season 1, “Moon Knight” has a lot of potential for a sequel. AWSMONE reveals why a second season is very likely and what it could be about.

Season 1 of “Moon Knight” is over – or was it already the complete series? It’s unclear because there are increasing indications that the Marvel production, which was once announced as a miniseries, could return with another season.

AWSMONE tells you how likely a season 2 of “Moon Knight” is when the new episodes could appear, what would happen in them, and everything else that interests you after the preliminary finale of “Moon Knight” on Disney+.

Moon Knight Season 2: Release Date

Moon Knight
Moon Knight © Disney+

At this point, no 2nd season of “Moon Knight” has been confirmed yet. Officially, the series is still considered a “limited series,” meaning a miniseries that will end after one season. The same applies to “WandaVision” and “Hawkeye“.

In the case of “WandaVision,” Wanda’s story was continued in the movie “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” which made a 2nd season unnecessary. However, in the case of “Hawkeye” and “Moon Knight,” a 2nd season is quite conceivable if the characters don’t simply pop up in other projects as well, thus losing their own series.

A recent hint that “Moon Knight” might get a 2nd season after all is a tweet from Marvel about the season 1 finale. It initially mentioned the series finale, but shortly afterward the tweet was deleted and republished, and now it says “season finale”.

Ultimately, it’s up to Marvel if and when a 2nd season of “Moon Knight” is confirmed. If we assume that Moon Knight Season 2 is really coming, we can expect a return on Disney+ in 2024 at the earliest.

For 2023, Marvel has already planned series like “Secret Invasion,” “Armor Wars” and “Ironheart,” plus a 2nd season of “Loki” will be released and in theaters, more MCU blockbusters will continue. “Moon Knight” therefore takes a back seat here, so there is also enough time to find a suitable period for filming.

Moon Knight Season 2: Plot

“Moon Knight” almost completely dispensed with overlaps with other events from the MCU in season 1. Of course, this could change in Moon Knight Season 2, and so it would be hard to predict the developments in the MCU until the start of Moon Knight Season 2.

So for now, let’s focus on the open storylines from season 1. Marc and Steven are no longer the avatars of Khonshu and returned to London after the events in Egypt. They do not realize that there is another identity in their bodies, Jack Lockley. This one is still in the service of Khonshu and is more cold-blooded than Marc.

However, since Steven also never agreed to be Khonshu’s avatar yet was able to transform into Mr. Knight, it is likely that Marc and Steven continue to have their powers, but simply do not know it. It’s not clear what Khonshu’s goals will be in Moon Knight Season 2, but Steven and Marc will presumably stand in his way.

In this regard, Jake Lockley in particular, should be a major threat, who, to make matters worse, shares a body with Marc and Steven. How can they defeat Jake? In addition, of course, it has to be explained how Jake Lockley came to be in the first place.

Layla’s story isn’t over yet either. As a still nameless superhero, she seems to have stayed in Egypt to keep law and order there. A reunion with her is quite likely; after all Marc and Steven didn’t even say goodbye to her in the season 1 finale.

Moon Knight Season 2: Cast

Again, of course, we can only speculate, but it should be clear that Oscar Isaac will once again take on the lead role(s) in “Moon Knight” Season 2. May Calamawy is expected to return as Layla and as the English voice of Khonshu, we will hear Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham.