Bad Bunny drops ‘El Muerto’, role set to be recast

Bad Bunny pulls out of upcoming Sony Movie from SpiderMan Universe.

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Bad Bunny has reportedly exited from Sony’s upcoming ‘El Muerto’. The upcoming movie from Sony’s SpiderMan Universe will now be further delayed as the Bad Bunny was all set to play as Juan-Carlos Sánchez in the movie. Sony does not plan on scrapping the release and will be looking to recast the role.

Questions arise if Bad Bunny will remain on set as the executive producer. Sony Pictures has not commented so far. Multiple reasons like his busy schedule and also the ongoing WGA strike could be potential reasons for Bad Bunny pulling out from the film. The film previously had a release date of January 12, 2024, however, we can expect the movie to be further pushed back after this new setback.

Bad Bunny was set to play as El Muerto based on his performance in ‘Bullet Train’. The 29-year-old artist would have been perfect for the role of the South-American hero according to Sony.

Bad Bunny Drops 'El Muerto', Role Set To Be Recast
El Muerto In An Issue Of Marvel Comics © Marvel

Bad Bunny in Bullet Train

Bad Bunny is a global superstar, and he was the first Non-English language act to be Spotify’s most streamed artist, for 3 consecutive years. He has won multiple Grammy Awards throughout his career. Bad Bunny has also ventured into WWE and had made several appearances in the wrestling department.

The Puerto Rican rapper made his debut in the ‘Bullet Train’ (2022) as ‘The Wolf’. He also has starred in Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ and a cameo in Fast & Furious ‘F9’.

In ‘Bullet Train’, he plays the role of ‘The Wolf’ whose wife is killed by The Hornet on their wedding day, along with other guests. He is out for revenge and accidentally mistakes Ladybug (Brad Pitt) for The Hornet. In a fight scene, he accidentally impales himself with his knife and dies.

Fans were slightly disappointed with the screen time the artist got in the movie, however, they sure loved every single bit of it. 

Bad Bunny Drops 'El Muerto', Role Set To Be Recast
Brad Pitt And Bad Bunny In Bullet Train (2022) © Photo By Scott Garfield

El Muerto

Juan-Carlos Estrada Sánchez also known as the Luchador aka El Muerto is out seeking revenge against the Wrestling God El Dorado, who killed his father and earn the right to the family’s legacy mask.

El Dorado, the self-proclaimed Wrestling God bestows the Mask of El Muerto to Estrada, and his lineage in exchange for each generation to wrestle him every 10 years to retain the mask. The mask grants one superhuman strength and abilities, however, Juan-Carlos’ father loses his match to El Dorado.

In Marvel comics, El Muerto has only appeared in two SpiderMan issues. Despite fighting SpiderMan at a charity event, the web-slinger pairs up with the wrestler to help him defeat El Dorado.

El Muerto means ‘The Dead One’ in Spanish

Source – Onetakenews & Marvel

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