Attack on Titan Reaches First Place on MyAnimeList

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Shortly after its release on March 4, 2023, the third installment of “Attack on Titan: Final Season” takes the top spot in the top list of the best anime of all time on the ranking and review website MyAnimeList. We summarize the details for you.

Attack on Titan Final Season Final Chapters at Crunchyroll

With a rating of currently 9.22 with 62,697 votes cast, the first part of the third installment of “Attack on Titan: Final Season” was able to secure the first place in the ranking, pushing the long-time leader “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, which currently has a rating of 9.11 with 1,970,709 votes, to second place for the time being.

MyAnimeList’s algorithm does remove votes from accounts that were created merely to give perfect or negative ratings, but it usually takes a while for any “fake ratings” and their impact to disappear. Thus, it is still unclear so far whether the placement is justified or not. Clarity should come in the next few days.

The first part of “Attack on Titan: Final Season – The Final Chapters” has been available on demand in the original Japanese dubbed version with English subtitles on the streaming service Crunchyroll since March 4, 2023. The second part is scheduled for release in fall 2023.

Attack on Titan: Final Season – The Final Chapters Visual

Attack on Titan: Final Season - The Final Chapters Visual

Attack on Titan Story

Many years ago, a large part of humanity was killed by giant humanoid monsters called “Titans”. Only a few people were able to save themselves. They built a city behind huge walls to protect them from the creatures. One of the inhabitants is Eren Jäger.

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