As We See it Season 2 Cancelled at Amazon: But why?

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When we consider the contemporary comedy-drama series “As we see it,” one name immediately comes to mind. Three autistic roommates working to achieve their goals are the subject of this story. Will As We See It season 2 exist? Let’s investigate!

As we see it develops into a well-created work of art with a unique and humorous spin on a clichéd theme that fans adore to see and discuss. The wait for the second season of the recently launched series has begun after Season 1’s positive reception from the audience.

Are you curious to learn more about this series and when it will premiere on television? Since this article is here, we have you covered. You can find out everything about the second season of our favorite comedy series, As We See It.

As We See It season 1 Final Recap Summary

As We See It season 1 Final Recap Summary
As We See It © Amazon Prime Video

We revealed a lot of deeply layered information by the season one finale. Jack has been experiencing an existential crisis as a result of the difficulties he has faced since disclosing his father’s illness.

Douglas tried to modify Violet’s perspective on love and relationships, but Harrison left on his own after Mandy betrayed him. The numerous changes that have been thrust upon Harrison have been difficult for him to handle.

Violet believes she has lost control of her own life since she has a little too much weight on her shoulders. A lot is going on that season 2 can pick up from.

‘As We See It’ Canceled After One Season at Amazon

Amazon has decided not to renew its comedy series “As We See It” for a second season. The show, which premiered in October 2021, followed the lives of three young adults on the autism spectrum as they navigate their careers, relationships and independence.

The show was created by Jason Katims, who also wrote and executive produced the series. Katims is known for his previous work on shows like “Parenthood” and “Friday Night Lights”, which also explored themes of family and inclusion. He said he was inspired by his own son, who has autism, to create “As We See It”.

The cast of the show included Rick Glassman, Sue Ann Pien and Albert Rutecki, who are all actors on the autism spectrum. They played the main characters of Jack, Violet and Harrison, respectively. The show also featured Sosie Bacon as Jack’s sister, Chris Pang as Violet’s love interest and Joe Mantegna as Harrison’s father.

The show received positive reviews from critics and audiences, who praised its authentic portrayal of autism and its diverse representation. The show also won the Humanitas Prize for 30-minute comedy in January 2022.

However, the show did not attract enough viewers to justify a renewal, according to sources close to the production. Amazon does not release viewership data for its original shows, but it is believed that “As We See It” struggled to find a large enough audience on the streaming platform.

Katims expressed his disappointment and gratitude in a statement on Twitter. He wrote: “I’m sad to share that ‘As We See It’ will not be returning for a second season. I’m so proud of the show we made and the amazing cast and crew who brought it to life. I want to thank Amazon for giving us this opportunity and for their support throughout this journey. And most of all, I want to thank the fans who watched and loved the show. You made this experience so meaningful and rewarding. I hope you’ll keep following these characters in your hearts and minds.”

As We See It Plotline: What would it be able to be About?

As We See it Season 2 Cancelled at Amazon: But why?
As We See It © Amazon Prime Video

As we can see, it is simple yet engaging and deals in a lighthearted manner with some serious subjects and human oddities. As we can see, the novel centers on the way of life of a few mentally handicapped individuals who coexist in a typical setting.

The stories of the three characters are the main emphasis of the series. Jack, a talented web designer who is working to improve his financial situation, learns one day that his father has cancer. Harrison is a good-hearted man who is confined to the Los Angeles apartment he shares with his family.

Violet is yearning for a lover since she is weary of being single, yet her views dictate that a relationship implies love and marriage. The societal struggles that each character must overcome are at the center of the narrative.

Where to Watch As We See It?

As We See it Season 2 Cancelled at Amazon: But why?
As We See It © Amazon Prime Video

Like the first season, we anticipate that As We See It Season 2 will be available on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video offers the first season of the television show As We See It. The second season of the television show As We See It may soon have all episodes available on Amazon Prime Video. See what happens after that.

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