Will there be a Season 2 of Alaska Daily?

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The drama series Alaska Daily, starring Hilary Swank as an investigative journalist, will not return for a second season on ABC. The show failed to attract a large audience and was overshadowed by other offerings.

The series, created by Tom McCarthy, follows Eileen Fitzgerald (Swank), a former New York star reporter who moves to Anchorage to work for a local newspaper and reinvent herself. She takes on a cold case involving missing indigenous women, a mystery that exposes the dark side of the city and puts her in danger.

Alaska Daily is one of three series that ABC has axed, along with Big Sky and The Company You Keep. The only drama series at the network that is still awaiting its fate is Rookie: Feds, which may have a better chance of survival.

Alaska Daily Season 2: Renewal

Unfortunately, the dreams of “Alaska Daily” Season 2 have been dashed as ABC has officially canceled the Hilary Swank-led drama series after just one season. The news does not come as a surprise, as the freshman series struggled to establish itself and failed to find a sizable following. While the cancellation is disheartening for fans hoping for more of Eileen Fitzgerald’s enthralling adventures, it marks the end of this chapter in the Alaskan wilderness.

Alaska Daily Season 2: Release Date Speculation

Alaska Daily Season 2: Renewal | AWSMONE

If “Alaska Daily” were to receive a renewal for a second season, the timeline for its release could vary depending on several factors. Typically, a renewed series would require several months of pre-production in the television industry, including script development, casting decisions, and securing filming locations.

After that, filming would commence, which could take several more months, depending on the complexity of the scenes and locations. Therefore, if it were to be magically renewed or get its cancellation undone, the second season of the show would probably be out in 2025.

Alaska Daily Season 2: Potential Plot

In the speculated second season, we might witness Eileen Fitzgerald’s journalistic skills again taking center stage as she delves deeper into the heart of Alaska’s untamed mysteries. With a renewed sense of purpose, Eileen may uncover a new high-stakes story, tackling local issues and venturing into the world of international intrigue. As she navigates through a web of deceit and corruption, she must rely on her determination and resourcefulness to expose the truth.

Alaska Daily Season 2: Potential Plot | AWSMONE

Alongside Eileen, the supporting cast could be further explored, each character facing their challenges and contributing to the intricate tapestry of the show. Whether it’s Stanley Kornik fighting against powerful adversaries, Bob Young searching for redemption, or the enigmatic Rosalind Friendly revealing her hidden past, each ensemble member may have their moment to shine.

Additionally, new characters might be introduced, further complicating the dynamics of the series. We could meet formidable adversaries or unexpected allies, each with their motivations and secrets that could shape the course of the story.

Alaska Daily Season 2: The Potential Cast

The captivating drama series “Alaska Daily” boasts a talented and diverse ensemble cast, bringing its riveting characters to life with exceptional performances.

Alaska Daily Season 2: The Cast | AWSMONE
  • Hilary Swank (“Million Dollar Baby”, “Boys Don’t Cry”) as Eileen Fitzgerald
  • Jeff Perry (“Scandal”, “Grey’s Anatomy“) as Stanley Kornik
  • Grace Dove (“The Revenant”, “How It Ends”) as Rosalind Friendly
  • Meredith Holzman (“The Sinner“, “The Climb”) as Claire Muncy
  • Matt Malloy (“In The Company of Men”, “Alpha House”) as Bob Young

As the show’s narrative unfolds, the cast’s exceptional talent will captivate audiences once again, inviting viewers to embark on an unforgettable expedition into the untamed world of Alaska and the resolute journalists seeking truth in its wilderness.

Alaska Daily Season 2: Where to Watch?

“Alaska Daily” is available for streaming on Amazon. Rent or purchase the episodes to dive into the captivating world of Eileen Fitzgerald and her journalistic adventures in the Alaskan wilderness. Don’t miss out on the thrilling storytelling and exceptional performances—stream “Alaska Daily” on Amazon now!

Alaska Daily: Similar Shows

While “Alaska Daily” may have concluded its journey, you’ll likely enjoy these shows with similar themes:

  • The Newsroom – Follow a renowned news anchor who, after a public outburst, decides to rebuild his reputation by leading a newscast focusing on honest and ethical journalism.
  • The Morning Show – Dive into the behind-the-scenes world of a morning news show as it grapples with scandal, power struggles, and the pursuit of truth in the competitive media industry.
  • The Bold Type – Experience the lives of three young women working at a prestigious fashion magazine, navigating the challenges of their careers while forging deep friendships and discovering their true selves.

Though “Alaska Daily” may no longer grace our screens, these series share themes of journalism, personal growth, and the resilience of individuals navigating the complexities of their careers and relationships. Explore these shows for a captivating dose of drama and intriguing storytelling.

Alaska Daily Season 2: Conclusion

Alaska Daily Season 2: Conclusion | AWSMONE

As we now know the official status of “Alaska Daily” Season 2, the speculations and excitement must end. Whether the show is eventually brought back or not, the dedication and passion of its fanbase are undeniable.

The possibility of revisiting the Alaskan wilderness with Eileen Fitzgerald and her captivating adventures leaves fans hopeful for the continuation of this enthralling series. Until the official word is out, we’ll continue to discuss, theorize, and support “Alaska Daily,” eagerly anticipating the chance to embark on another thrilling journey with our beloved characters.

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