Ahead of season 4: Really funny The Boys video shows what we never see on the show

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Fans of the Amazon series will have to wait even longer for The Boys season 4. A video shortens the wait with unusual scenes from the shoot.

The Boys has left many fans hungry for more after its mercilessly wacky 3rd season. Now a video from the shoot shortens the wait for season 4. Karl Urban, Antony Starr and other actors:inside show there what we usually do not see in the Amazon series. They can’t stop laughing.

The Boys stars bend with laughter: Video shows mishaps from the shoot

This is a so-called blooper or gag reel, which contains slips of the tongue, botched scenes and other jokes from the season 3 filming. Besides badly positioned middle fingers and the “longest hug in TV history”, Homelander (Starr) and Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) screw up their duel. The video was published via the official Twitter channel of The Boys.

For a series that mixes serious, absurd and ultra-brutal themes with such passion, the heartfelt nature of the shoot is a beautiful sight to behold. The Boys creator also has his heart in the right place, as he recently proved once again.

When is The Boys season 4 coming to Amazon Prime Video?

Whether the gag reel will sweeten the wait for fans or increase their impatience remains to be seen. In any case, they will have to wait a while longer. Filming on The Boys season 4 of the Amazon series didn’t begin until August 2022, so we don’t expect it to start until mid-2023.

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