Kristen Bell says ‘Frozen 3’ is happening but with ‘zero authority’

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After the overwhelming success of Frozen 2 (which became the highest-grossing animation EVER after its debut in November 2019), a Frozen 3 sequel would have looked like a foregone conclusion, but Disney has yet to go through with plans for it.

In fact, it hasn’t been discussed in any detail since about the time Into the Unknown premiered on Disney+ in June 2020. Regarding a third film, Mark Smith, the story director for Frozen 2, said, “We have not had that discussion.

Although we haven’t heard anything new regarding a prospective threequel, that doesn’t imply that they haven’t been quietly working on something.

In an interview with Digital Spy before to the sequel’s debut, Lee did admit that the second movie had a sense of being Anna and Elsa’s final chapter. However, as she also noted, they had said the same thing at the conclusion of the previous film.

“This feels like the goal we set out to achieve, in our opinion. It feels like the end, but when we completed the previous one, it felt similarly. We are unsure. It feels like the end right now, in my opinion.” She spoke out.

The latest announcement of Frozen 3 by Kristen Bell was made with “zero authority,” she noted.

Let’s move on to what Kristen Bell has to say regarding a potential third Frozen movie instead of pondering what that means.

Bell provides Princess Anna’s voice in the wildly popular Frozen film series from Disney (Moon Knight Season 2).

During a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Bell revealed she would willing to return for a third “Frozen” film.

Frozen 3
Frozen © Disney+

She replied with a smile, “Listen, I like to declare — with absolute confidence and zero authority — there will be a “Frozen 3.” “I’m broadcasting it to the world. Because I am incapable of choosing that.”

In fact, Menzel stated a week ago that she too believes a third entry in the animation series will be released. Menzel told People, “I hope it is, but I don’t know.” “Anytime I can be 80 and portray an enthusiastic blonde girl who is, like, 15 — who, by the way, has wonderful arms, I adore that about her,” the actor said.

Disney has not yet made any official or unofficial statements confirming the existence of “Frozen 3.”

A third Frozen movie may be in the works, according to the movie’s star Kristen Bell. There is a catch, so think again before you start warming up your vocal chords to sing “Let It Go” again.

Bell was promoting her children’s book The World Needs More Purple Schools when she appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show The Tonight Show. Fallon questioned Bell about the franchise’s future and whether we would see more Elsa and Anna in the distant future.

He asked her, “Frozen 3, can we disclose anything?”

At that point, the actress from The Good Place teased a shocking revelation: “I would like to publicly announce with zero authority… Frozen 3.”

But as soon as she said that, she clarified that she didn’t have the authority to say anything, so listeners should treat her word with caution.

“Please remember that I did mention “zero authority,” as I am unable to act in that manner. I am unable to carry out that action. I’m not the boss.” She spoke.

Fallon continued, “But there could be something maybe in the works and maybe occurring… maybe,” after that.

Bell responded in a cryptic manner, saying that if a third film were to be made, she would unquestionably act in it.

“I’ll keep it a mystery, you know. But I am aware that Idina Menzel recently pledged to carry it through. And if we’re all in, what are we waiting for, in my opinion? Let’s do it; we want to.”

Despite the fact that Frozen 2 was the second-highest grossing animated picture of all time, as you may remember, Disney has not yet given the go-ahead for a third movie.

Regarding a third film, Mark Smith, the story director for Frozen 2, said, “We have not had that discussion.” Chris Buck, who co-directed both Frozen films with Jennifer Lee, concurred with his ideas. He told, “I always say ask us a little later… for us, I would say… ask us in six months.”

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