Yellowstone Season 5: Cast members reveal first details on Paramount+ series sequel

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Neo-Western drama Yellowstone returns to Paramount+ in Fall 2022. Now, cast members Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly have revealed more details about the plot of Season 5.

  • “Yellowstone” returns to the Paramount+ streaming service for season 5 in fall 2022.
  • Most recently, Paramount also released the first short teaser trailer for the new episodes.
  • Actors Cole Hauser (Rip) and Kelly Reilly (Beth) have now revealed more details about the plot of Season 5.

The 4th season of the neo-western drama ” Yellowstone ” ended with a spectacular finale. In the fall, the Paramount+ series returns with Season 5. Actors Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly have now revealed how Rip and Beth will continue in the upcoming episodes.

Is there a start date for “Yellowstone” season 5?

Season 5 start date is finally known. As Paramount+ announced on Instagram, the western series returns on November 13, 2022 . Filming for the episodes is already underway.

Also, the new season will be slightly longer than the previous ones with a total of 14 new episodes. Paramount has therefore decided to air the season in two halves, each with seven episodes.

Is there a trailer for Yellowstone season 5?

Paramount Network has now released the first short teaser trailer for Season 5 “Yellowstone”. While we really don’t get to see much in the 15-second clip, we do get to see the entire Dutton family and get a sense of how they’ll deal with the aftermath of the explosive Season 4 finale.

In addition, the short video gives us two promises. On the one hand “all will be revealed” in the new season and on the other hand we can look forward to a two-hour premiere event at the beginning of the season. See the teaser trailer for yourself below:

Yellowstone Season 5: Storyline

In the last episodes of the fourth season “Yellowstone” the events overturned. While the city sheriff, Donnie Haskell, had to bless his time in a firefight , the finale claimed another fatality. After Donnie’s life fell into the hands of the diabolical Beck brothers in season two, he had wanted to shed his corrupt habits before dying.

Jamie Dutton and his birth father also had their differences. Garrett tells Jamie he’s leaving. It should be clear that he would jeopardize Jamie’s run for governor if it were found out that the candidate harbored the man who murdered his crack-addicted mother when Jamie was a baby.

Garrett seems sincere when he explains that Jamie can achieve anything if he stops being intimidated by the Dutton clan. “Don’t let those damn Duttons fool you into thinking you’re a bad person. You’re a good man, son, and I love you.” Jamie reciprocates his father’s feelings, but it was too late – he puts a bullet in his father’s head .

After Jamie is about to dispose of his father’s body at the “train station” where so many of the Duttons’ enemies have found their final resting place, Jamie is interrupted by his sister Beth. She photographs Jamie as he carries the dead body to the cliff . Any other outcome would have been better for Jamie because his life is in her hands. And those consequences are sure to keep the Duttons busy in Season 5.

In an interview with the online magazine Entertainment Weekly , the actors Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly have now revealed further details about the further course of the plot and especially about the development of their characters and the relationship between Rip and Beth.

Rip and Beth are now married, but this shouldn’t really change the couple’s relationship. Reilly justifies this by stating that her character “has always been loyal to Rip”. This will not change now, even after marriage. However, the fact that Rip is now moving into the main house may cause tension between him and John. Now how will John deal with the fact that Rip is actually part of the family now?

Also, Beth’s past keeps coming up and she will now have to deal with her past trauma in the new episodes. Will Rip and Beth be able to come to terms with the past together and possibly finally defeat Beth’s inner demons?

Meanwhile, Kayce sticks to his life on the reservation and tries to stay away from the ranch as much as possible. But he cannot stay in this almost idyllic life for very long, because the legacy of the Duttons and his vision still weigh heavily on his shoulders.

Yellowstone Season 5: Cast

Also starring in Yellowstone is two-time Oscar winner Kevin Costner (“Dances With Wolves”) as John Dutton III. Wes Bentley (” American Horror Story “) as Jamie Dutton and Kelly Reilly (“ True Detective “) as Beth Dutton are definitely also on board. Luke Grimes (” Brothers & Sisters “) takes on the role of Kayce Dutton, while Cole Hauser (“Rogue”) plays Rip Wheeler.

New to the cast are Kai Caster (“The Baxters”) as young cowboy Rowdy, Lainey Wilson as musician Abby, Lilli Kay (” Your Honor “) as Clara Brewer, a new assistant to the Duttons, and Dawn Olivieri (” SEAL Team “, ” 1883 “) as Sarah Atwood, a confident businesswoman and newcomer to Montana. This is reported by the US magazine Entertainment Weekly .

Season 5, however, will no longer be with Will Patton (” Falling Skies “) as Garrett Randall, Jamie’s father, and Hugh Dillon (” Mayor of Kingstown “) as Sheriff Donnie Haskell. As is well known, the two did not survive season 4.

Yellowstone Season 5: Production

The series is produced by Viacom CBS. The idea for the series came from Taylor Sheridan (” Sons of Anarchy “). In addition to Sheridan, executive producers are John Linson (“The Comedian”), David Glasser and Art Linson.

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