True Detective: A 4th season of the HBO hit is coming after all – with some significant changes

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A “Night Country” titled Season 4 of “True Detective” is in development. You can find out everything about the plot of the new episode in here.

  • “True Detective” continues.
  • With “Night Country” a 4th season of the dark crime and thriller series will also be released.
  • Series creator Nic Pizzolatto is no longer involved in this.

“True Detective” is perhaps the show with the longest breaks between seasons. In 2014 it premiered with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Then, just a year later, an extremely disappointing second season followed – followed by a four-year wait! In season 3 of the anthology series, Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff took over as investigators in 2019 – and the fans were happy again.

Now the industry journal Variety reports that a 4th season of the dark cop, crime and thriller series is in the works. But there are also some significant changes compared to previous seasons.

Series creator Nic Pizzolatto is therefore no longer involved in the 4th edition of the show he once conceived. Instead, the Mexican director Issa López comes into play. López will write and executive produce – and direct at least the Season 4 pilot. Oscar winner Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight”) is also on board as executive producer.

“True Detective”: What the 4th season of the HBO series is all about

Only 2 (not insignificant) things are currently known about the Season 4 scenario. According to US sources, both main characters will be female this time around, which will be a nice, timely change. So far, only Rachel McAdams has appeared as a female character in the “True Detective” cosmos, who also drives the criminal case forward.

Also, True Detective Season 4, titled Night Country, is rumored to be set in the Arctic, “where the night can last 24 hours,” as Variety writes. Hence the title “Night Country”.

“True Detective: Night Country” is currently still in a relatively early stage of development. The new season 4 episodes on HBO and HBO Max should therefore not be expected before 2023. It could even be 2024. Actors, for example, have not yet been determined for the continuation of the series.

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