‘Chicago Med’ Actor, Yaya DaCosta Demands April Sexton’s Promotion

Yaya DaCosta talks more about April Sexton in Chicago Med

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Yaya DaCosta plays the role of April Sexton in the medical drama, ‘Chicago Med’. The series is the third installment of Wolf Entertainment’s Chicago franchise. (Chicago P.D, Chicago Fire) ‘Chicago Med’ was created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead and focuses on the Emergency Department at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. 

Yaya DaCosta reprised her role in Season 8 of Chicago Med. It is unclear whether the actress would return in the Season 9 of the show which was announced in April 2023. Before returning to Season 8, she was last seen in Season 6 of the show in which she chose to enter a nurse practitioner program. 

Yaya DaCosta and Ethan

Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton

In an interview with TV Insider, she spoke more about how things were for April after returning to the show two years later as a nurse practitioner.

“It was so much fun. It was such a lovely experience going back to kind of close out the storyline and send Brian Tee’s character, Ethan Choi, off [and] send him and April Sexton off into the sunset,” DaCosta tells TV Insider of that “fairytale ending” for the couple. “Just the whole experience was really beautiful. It was great to see a lot of the cast and crew that were still there.”

Yaya DaCosta is not done just yet with the ‘Chicago Med’. When asked about April Sexton’s future in the show, she confirmed that things are uncertain as of right now.

Yaya DaCosta

“I haven’t heard anything different than that, but who knows, right? The future’s unknown,”

Yaya hopes that if her character were to return in season 9, April should be a Doctor. 

 “I always thought April was going to finish her schooling and become a doctor,” Yaya explains. “They introduced her little brother, Noah [Roland Buck III], who she actually helped put through school, and he became a doctor. So yeah, I think the idea was always that we would kind of tap into some woman’s empowerment and now that he was all set, go back to her fulfilling her dream, and I guess just as time went on, everyone was comfortable seeing her as a nurse.”

Ethan and Yaya DaCosta

April and Ethan’s relationship was an important storyline as the series progressed. Season 8 of the show sees the couple getting married and also buying a mobile clinic to treat more people. 

Yaya DaCosta believes that April’s presence on screen deserves her role as a Doctor. Be it the interactions with the patients or her doing things without even being asked, it would only be fitting for her to return in Season 9 as a Doctor.
“So if ever in this or any other dimension, April Sexton were to return to screen, it would have to be as a doctor.” Yaya says.

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