Who Plays Tao in HeartStopper?

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In Alice Oseman’s original comic series, which inspired Netflix’s teen drama “Heartstopper,” Tao Xu is portrayed as Charlie Spring’s closest friend. The heart of the story revolves around Charlie’s romantic journey with Nick Nelson, a fellow student who is one year ahead of him.

William plays the extremely protective Tao Xu. Like his good friend Charlie, Tao is in year 10 and is 15 years old. William, on the other hand, is 19 years old and we’ll be celebrating his birthday on Feb. 20.

By the end of Heartstopper, Elle and Tao are still just friends but it’s pretty apparent they both have feelings for one another. It will be amazing to see what’s the upcoming installment has in store for the Fans.

Who Plays Tao In Heartstopper?
Heartstopper © Netflix

A Rising Talent Shining as Tao Xu in “Heartstopper”

In the Netflix series “Heartstopper,” the character Tao Xu is portrayed by William Gao. Gao, a newcomer to the world of screen acting, made his debut in a non-theatrical role with “Heartstopper.” Despite being relatively new to the industry, his portrayal of Tao has garnered attention and praise, particularly within the “Heartstopper” fandom.

As Tao Xu, Gao brings charm and authenticity to the role, forming an integral part of the heartwarming story of friendship and romance between Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. As the series gains popularity and a considerable viewership, Gao’s star is rapidly rising, and he is becoming known beyond the confines of the show’s dedicated fanbase.

Tao Xu actor William Gao revealed that he joined the series via an open casting call. “I got it through my youth theater. I was doing a lot at the National Youth Theater, and the casting call came through, and it was like ‘Tao, 15-year-old British East Asian.’ And I was like, yeah, let’s try for it,” he recalled.

Who Plays Tao In Heartstopper?

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