‘The Witcher’ on Netflix: Where is the Witcher Season 3 filmed?

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The Witcher’ season 3 rumor has been circulating around the internet and fans can’t keep quiet in their curiosity. A lot will happen in season three and a lot more will be revealed. Many of us wanted to know that where did the shooting of this fantasy took place. To get that primitive age and the fantasy world; in today’s time its quite difficult, to find such location. With new casting and some leaving the series what next will happen are some of the fans most asked questions.

Where is the Witcher 3 shot?

Earlier in 2022, when The Witcher was been shot, the crew opted out to film the series in various locations. Mostly there were three countries where the shooting took place. The frozen lake Laghi di Fusine in northern Italy, the castle-like St. Jerome’s church in Slovenia’s Nanos plateau, the Predjama Castle also in Slovenia and the sunny Zala Stara Baska beach on the Croatian island of Krk.- according to REDANIAN INTELLIGENCE

'The Witcher' on Netflix: Where is the Witcher Season 3 filmed?

The other seasons (1&2) were shot in London, UK. But to bring a history Northern London was used. Some parts were shot in Austria, Budapest, Hungary, and South Africa. The showrunner is Lauren Schmidt-Hissrich, who was sure the series will be remembered till the end.

What will happen in Season 4?

There is going to be season 4 of ‘The Witcher‘. Since the first part of season 3 is coming on 29 June and the second part on July 29; the most fast the fourth season might come could be in November or December. But it is said to be coming in August 2023.

'The Witcher' on Netflix: Where is the Witcher Season 3 filmed?

the third season is going to be coming on Netflix on 29 June and Part II of the season will be coming on 27 July.


You can watch the trailer of ‘The Witcher‘ Season 3 below.

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