Warrior Nun on Netflix: The series will return for more seasons after the cancellation

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Fans of Warrior Nun, get ready for some good news: Simon Barry, the creator of the show, has announced that it will indeed return after being cancelled by Netflix after two seasons.

Fans of Netflix absolutely loved the fantasy action series, which took its cue from the comic book series of the same name. It frequently appeared in the Top 10 throughout its second season.

However, Simon Barry stated the program would not return for a third season on Netflix in December of last year. We were all devastated by the news, but Simon has since informed that the series will continue somewhere because of fan support. Here is everything we know about the cancelled Warrior Nun and its recent intriguing rebirth.

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When did the Warrior Nun get cancelled?

According to Cosmopolitan, Simon Barry, the series creator, announced the sad news of the show’s cancellation on his Twitter account on December 13.

“I’ve just learned that @netflix won’t be renewing #WarriorNun – my sincere appreciation to all the fans who worked so hard to promote this series and for the love you showed me, the cast, and the entire production team,” he wrote in a tweet. To be a part of this was an honour.

With Warrior Nun, I would give it a window because we’re still so early in the process of producing it, Simon previously stated in an interview with Inverse. Any number of seasons from five to seven would be excellent.

What the cast of Warrior Nun have to say about the cancellation of the show?

Ava Silva’s lead actress Alba Baptista expressed gratitude to the show’s viewers on Twitter.

“Working on Warrior Nun was a very special chapter of my life,” she wrote in a tweet. The performers and crew are to be commended for contributing everything they had. We appreciate the love and support of our fans. I’m aware of you, and I adore you. Everything was for you. Forever indebted to you. 

Thank you to everyone for having me in your place; it was a delight to hear your voices, tweeted Kristina Tonteri-Young, who played Sister Beatrice, in a brief but heartfelt message.

What the Warrior Nun is about?

According to the official Netflix synopsis, “An orphaned teen discovers she now has superpowers as the chosen Halo-Bearer for a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns after waking up in a morgue.”

It is obvious that the show was filmed in Spain. The scenery for informal discussions can include beautiful mountain views, car chases on winding cobblestone alleyways, and fights inside medieval castles and chapels. Although the majority of the program is in English, the characters never hesitate to speak in other languages when it makes sense, including Spanish, Italian, and even German. All of this gives the show a fancier feel than it could have otherwise had if it were more like The CW and SyFy Fare.

How the fans reacted after the return of Warrior Nun season 3?

Let’s see how fans reacted after reading the news of the return of Warrior Nun season 3 and also suggested some platforms on which the show can be telecasted.

One fan added I love we are just hoping it’s Apple TV

Another viewer tweeted, SAME! I’m happy with anywhere because I just want it back but I just think they will be the better option they look after their shows well and I think they’ll be able to end the show when they are ready too, not when they get cancelled also it should get promoted well.

Amazon Prime is good too, says another fan.

A person said, “It’s something that international fans can access as well, I’m sure. really hoping it’s Apple TV”.

Agreed, I think they will know when the right time to end it is and not drag it out and as much as I want, like 20 seasons of warrior nun. I want them to do the story justice and the right amount of time; I think Simon planned 5 seasons. I heard, but I’ve also heard of up to 7, tweeted a fan.

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