Virgin River Stars Give Hints: When is Season 5 Coming?

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The last season of the series “Virgin River” was already half a year ago. There is still no information from the producer Netflix about the release date for Virgin River Season 5, but some stars of the series now seem to know more; what is behind the clues?

The fifth season will be released later this year. But when exactly has Netflix so far kept secret from the fans? However, the main actors, Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson are speaking out. Via social media, they announce their assumptions in a short video.

Virgin River” is considered one of Netflix’s hit series of recent years. After the first season aired in December 2019, it goes into the fifth extension this year. Filming has already been completed, that’s for sure. In response to questions from fans, Mel actress Alexandra Breckenridge now comments on a possible release date on the platform Cameo.

“Virgin River” star Alexandra Breckenridge reveals her guesses about the release date

Martin Henderson: “Hot, steamy gossip and intrigue.”

She said she thinks it’s likely that the new season will be back in July 2023, as it was last year. She, too, is not up to date, she says, but she thinks July is entirely possible. The same indication also makes Martin Henderson, who embodies Jack. In his video, he reveals the release month and teases the new episodes. There is to be “hot, steamy gossip and intrigue” again.

Also exciting: beyond hints about season 5, Alexandra Breckenridge also reveals her desire for a possible extension into season 6, again causing euphoria among fans.

When the new season finally comes remains to be seen. What is certain, however, is that the fans are ready.

“Virgin River” actor Martin Henderson about the new season

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