Virgin River Season 5: New set pictures show exciting romances

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Virgin River Season 5 is a long time coming. Nevertheless, new photos from the set of the Netflix sitcom are already emerging and have us speculating about possible new relationships.

  • The 5th season of the Netflix series “Virgin River” is currently in production.
  • It is expected to be broadcast in 2023.
  • However, the first photos from the set already reveal a lot about the possible plot and the relationship status of some of the characters.

Virgin River” is the series adaptation of the books of the same name by Robyn Carr. The love drama series has been running on Netflix since 2019 and delights fans with exciting stories from the town of Virgin River.

Season 5 is under the direction of new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith. What to expect after Denny revealed his HD, Brie’s ex came back into her life and Jack isn’t the twins’ father after all. The end of season 4 definitely left us perplexed, excited and questioning.

Mel and Jack seem happily reunited again for their favorite pastime, hiking. How will their engagement and related wedding plans progress in Season 5? In any case, they still take a lot of time to be together in the nature of California.

Preacher (Colin Lawrence) seems clearly at home among the city folk. He should now get significantly more interaction with the residents of Virgin River. It should also be interesting how the drama between him and Paige continues.

Preacher’s “Non-Love Life” is also set to feature more in Virgin River’s fifth season. Will he be busy building something with the other men and fellow Marines in town?

Despite his illness, Denny and Lizzie don’t seem to want to give up on each other completely. Even if they don’t have much time left, they want to seize every moment and concentrate on the good things in life. Your (love) story should be the most beautiful and at the same time saddest in the 5th season.

A shock of Season 4 was the return of Brie’s violent ex-boyfriend. Good thing she can always count on Brady and Mike. Which of the two could she choose in the future?

Even though Jack isn’t the father of Charmaine’s twins, all 4 will still spend time together. This is suggested by a selfie taken by Lauren Hammersley from the set. Joined by Tim Matheson and Annette O’Toole as Doc and Hope, she appears happy and likely to remain in her ex’s orbit.

In Season 4 of “Virgin River,” Cameron ended up at loggerheads with some of the townspeople. The snapshot from the set with actors Mark Ghanimé and Tim Matheson shows us that many conflicts remain to be resolved.

Meanwhile, we might not see anything from Grayson Gurnsey’s character Ricky for a while. At the end of Season 4 , he left Virgin River for basic US Navy training. Due to the rather slow narrative structure of the series, it will be at least a few episodes, if not even seasons, before we see Ricky again. As a fan favorite, it definitely needs to reappear.

Netflix has already renewed the drama for a 5th season. Filming started in July 2022.

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