Upload Season 3: It’s official! The sci-fi comedy returns to Amazon Prime Video with new episodes

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The sci-fi comedy “Upload” will receive a 3rd season from Amazon Prime Video. The cast announces this in a video on Instagram. We tell you everything important about the new episodes.

  • The 3rd season of “Upload” is officially confirmed. The cast posted a video on Instagram and announced the extension of the series.
  • Showrunner Greg Daniels already commented on the 3rd season of the sci-fi comedy series.
  • What is already known about the plot, start date and cast of the sequel, reveals.

The sci-fi comedy series “Upload” returns to Amazon Prime Video with season 3. This was confirmed by the cast on Instagram. Below you can find out everything that is known so far about the new episodes.

Upload Season 3: Release Date

Season 3 of “Upload” is now officially confirmed by Amazon. The cast of the series posted a video on Instagram announcing the extension.

Based on the previous seasons, we can probably expect season 3 of the sci-fi comedy in spring 2023.

Upload Season 3: Trailer and Images

At this point, neither a trailer nor first images for the 3rd “Upload” season have been released. As soon as there are news and releases here, we will of course inform you about them immediately.

Upload Season 3: Plot

The 2nd season of “Upload” ends with a huge cliffhanger. Nathan is downloaded into a cloned body according to Ingrid’s instructions. Ingrid paid for this experimental treatment after realizing that she can no longer stay in Lakeview all the time.

However, it is far from certain that Nathan will be able to survive permanently in his new body. The procedure has only worked on a few pigeons so far.

In addition, Nathan learns in the course of the 2nd season that he was murdered. Behind it are political motives. The uploaded ones are not allowed to vote. An evil company called Freeyond removes a lot of undesirable voters in the so-called “swing states” of the USA, where elections are traditionally particularly close.

Nathan therefore wants to support the Ludds and Nora to stop Freeyond. That’s why he also decides to make the highly dangerous download into his clone body.

The 3rd season of “Upload” will now continue these storylines. On the one hand, Nathan and Nora will try to stop Freeyond.

At the same time, Nathan’s nose bleeds in the final moments of season 2. This suggests that his new body is rejecting his soul. And Ingrid – as she often does – doesn’t back down. After realizing that she has lost Nathan, she steals some of his hair. Presumably, she wants to clone him again with it.

In the 3rd “Upload” season, Nora and Nathan will now strive to save his clone body. Also, the upcoming episodes (at least initially) will no longer take place in Lakeview.

Upload Season 3: Cast and Production

Three actors and actresses make up the heart of the Amazon series “Upload.” Lead actor Robbie Amell will return again in season 3 as Nathan. He will be joined by Andy Allo, who will again portray customer service representative and Ludds member Nora. And Allegra Edwards also returns as Ingrid.

Viewers will also see other familiar faces from the first two seasons. It can be assumed that Kevin Bigley will be back as Nathan’s “best friend” Luke. Owen Daniels is also likely to portray A.I. Guy again. However, viewers will probably only get to see the latter two actors when they return to Lakeview in “Upload” season 3.