‘Unseen’ on Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer – All You Need to Know!

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“Unseen,” the new South African crime series that premiered on Netflix earlier this year. This gripping thriller follows a compelling storyline, featuring a talented cast of actors. If you’re a fan of crime dramas, this show is definitely worth watching. Alongside “Unseen,” 2023 has already been a remarkable year for Netflix, with the release of popular series such as “You” Season 4, “Physical 100,” “Kaleidoscope,” “The Night Agent,” “Lockwood and Co.,” “Full Swing,” and “Drive to Survive” Season 5. This week, Netflix continues to dominate with a diverse lineup of shows, including “Wellmania,” the newest season of “Love is Blind,” “Kill Boksoon,” and the highly anticipated “Murder Mystery 2.”

'Unseen' on Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer - All You Need to Know!

Unseen Release Date: Mark your Calendars!

“Unseen,” the highly anticipated South African crime series, made its grand debut on Netflix on July 23rd, 2023. This enthralling thriller has been generating significant buzz among viewers, as it offers a fresh and unique perspective on the crime genre. Set in the captivating backdrop of South Africa, the show delves into the dark and mysterious world of crime, weaving a complex narrative filled with suspense, intrigue, and unexpected twists.

The series boasts a stellar cast of talented actors who bring the characters to life with their exceptional performances. Their portrayals add depth and authenticity to the gripping storyline, making it a must-watch for fans of crime dramas and thriller enthusiasts alike.

'Unseen' on Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer - All You Need to Know!

Unseen Plot: Nail-biting story-line

“Unseen” introduces us to its heroine, Zenzile Mwale, portrayed by Gail Mabalane from “Blood & Water.” At first glance, Zenzi appears to be an unassuming house cleaner, but the series takes a thrilling twist in its opening moments, revealing her hidden dark side as a murderer. The story unfolds when she desperately searches for her husband, who has just been released from prison. In an unexpected turn of events, Zenzi ends up killing a local crime boss, inadvertently putting herself in the crosshairs of dangerous gangsters.

To evade capture and preserve her freedom, Zenzi finds herself compelled to take another life. As she continues her quest to find her missing husband, she stumbles upon a shocking revelation—a massive conspiracy entangling a corrupt bank and powerful individuals. Her relentless pursuit for the truth leads her down a treacherous path where she must confront dangerous adversaries and face the sinister forces pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Throughout “Unseen,” viewers are taken on a heart-pounding journey as Zenzi battles to survive while trying to unravel the intricate web of deception surrounding her. Gail Mabalane’s portrayal of Zenzi brings depth and complexity to the character, making her a captivating and relatable protagonist in this gripping crime thriller series.

'Unseen' on Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer - All You Need to Know!

Unseen Cast

  • Gail Mabalane as cleaning lady-turned-killer Zenzi 
  • Brendon Daniels as local gangster Raymond
  • Hein De Vries as Raymond’s No. 1 henchman, Joseph
  • Waldemar Schultz as the policeman on Zenzi’s trail, Detective Morkel
  • Vuyo Dabula as Zenzi’s missing husband, Max
  • Ilse Klink as Detective Lyners 
  • Dineo Langa as Zenzi’s estranged younger sister, Naledi
  • Colin Moss as Reuben Theron
  • Mothusi Magano as The Author

Unseen Trailer

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