True Story Season 2: Will It Return?

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Comedian Kevin Hart and actor Wesley Snipes star in the drama series True Story on Netflix. The seven-episode limited series, which was produced by Eric Newman, debuted on November 24, 2021. Will True Story season 2 exist? Let’s investigate it!

On IMDb, it has a score of 7.5 out of 10. It is jam-packed with drama, thrillers, and crimes. Let’s learn everything there is to know about True Story’s second season.

The show centers on Kid, a famous comic whose tour stop turns deadly when the repercussions of a night with his brother threaten to undo everything he’s accomplished. Kid is now frantically looking for an escape because his brother is attempting to ruin more than just his achievement.

Although the series got mixed reviews, Hart and Snipes’ on-screen chemistry was acclaimed. Will there be a subsequent season with more to come?

Here’s everything we know about True Story season 2. Enjoy!

Will True Story get a second season?

True Story Season 2: Will It Return?
True Story © Netflix

The show was intended to be a limited series, which often implies the plot was constrained to take place over the course of just one season. By the end of the final episode in the first season, the murder mystery is virtually solved. (Spoiler!) It is revealed that Carlton (Snipes) planned Daphne’s “death” as a way to demand money. During a Philadelphia 76ers game, Savvas and Nikos corner the brothers.

When Carlton tries to save his little brother, Kid has a plan in place. He manages to shoot the thugs after revealing a gun he had been hiding. He then kills his brother before staging the scene to appear as though there had been a shootout. He escapes punishment thanks to his false police testimony.

That is, until his bodyguard blackmails him after learning the truth. However, Kid, who deals with the money from his future contract, handles even this. After making a full circle, the series finishes with Kid beginning his set with the same monologue he gave in the pilot.

What Will The Plot Of True Story Season 2 Be?

True Story Season 2: Will It Return?
True Story © Netflix

There aren’t many unfinished business items for the second season. Except for Kid, the majority of those responsible for the crime are deceased. There are certain ideas, nevertheless, that might be investigated for the second season’s storyline. Kid is still being blackmailed by the bodyguard, and he also carries the burden of killing his own brother. The next season of the show might begin with this storyline development. The potential that he will be held accountable for his actions would also be intriguing to see.

Who Will Be Cast In True Story Season 2?

True Story Season 2: Will It Return?
True Story © Netflix

Hart will return as Kid and Will Catlett will play Herschel, the bodyguard who uses blackmail, if there is a second season. Snipes as Carlton, Chris Diamantopoulos as Savvas, John Ales as Nikos, and Ash Santos as Daphne may appear in flashback scenes, if any, given that the majority of the other main cast members have passed away. If there is a second season, Kid will be touring and exploiting his misfortune, according to Newman’s prediction. If there is a new season, there might also be some new faces.

When Will True Story Season 2 Be Released?

Since 2020, the first season has been under production and it was finally made available at the end of 2021. We can anticipate seeing the second season at the end of 2023 if Netlfix quickly renews it. However, there has been no announcement of a second season, making it difficult to predict when it will premiere.

If you’re interested in starting watching this show, here’s the trailer for True Story season 1 below. Enjoy!