The Witcher Season 4: Shock! Season 4 is coming, but Henry Cavill is leaving

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“The Witcher season 4” has lost his witcher: Henry Cavill will no longer be seen as Geralt of Rivia in the just confirmed fourth season of the Netflix series. We will reveals who his successor will be.

  • News from the “Witcher”: Netflix has confirmed a 4th season of the successful series.
  • However, Henry Cavill will no longer be on board, with the lead actor leaving The Witcher after Season 3.
  • However, a replacement has already been found: Liam Hemsworth will become the new Geralt.

 The Witcher ” season 3 hasn’t even started yet, when Netflix is ​​already extending the popular fantasy series for a 4th season. It’s actually good news if it weren’t accompanied by bad news: Henry Cavill is leaving “The Witcher” after Season 3!

A reason has not been given, but it may be due to Cavill’s return as Superman in upcoming DC films . Cavill confirmed his departure from Geralt of Rivia on Instagram.

Cavill also directly revealed his successor: Liam Hamsworth, known among other things from the “Hunger Games  films, will embody Geralt from season 4 onwards. How well Hemsworth, who is 7 years his junior, fits into the role will only become apparent once the first scenes have been shot with him. So far, however, Cavill has been considered the ideal cast for the witcher.

In the summer of 2023, “The Witcher” season 3 starts on Netflix, then we experience Henry Cavill one last time as Geralt on the continent. On December 25, we can already expect a spin-off in the Netflix news program with ” The Witcher: Blood Origin “.

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