The Witcher season 3 Vol-2 on Netflix: Why Cahir killed Gallatin?

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Cahir was seen treated like a servant in later parts of The Witcher Season 3 vol-1. He was asked by the king to hunt Ciri and bring her as his queen. To regain his loyalty to Nilfguard, he has to kill his true friend elf Gallatin. He did this to get his rank in the kingdom. He has been getting dreams about Ciri who pukes blood on him and tries to kill him, which Cahir is unable to understand. But why did he kill Gallatin?

The Witcher season 3 Vol-2 on Netflix: Why Cahir killed Gallatin?

Why Cahir killed Gallatin?

Gallatin is an Elf commander and is having a tough time in keeping his people safe and alive. Already the war is called upon the continent and everyone is looking for Ciri. Cahir is treated like a slave in his own kingdom though he was a great commander in war between Nilfguard and Arentuza. Cahir is released by Yennefer in season 2 but his own kingdom has entitled him as a traitor.

The Witcher season 3 Vol-2 on Netflix: Why Cahir killed Gallatin?

Gallatin and Cahir are good peers and Gallatin asks Cahir to help him get down Francesca, who made with the prophecy of some elf warrior. He is given shelter in the castle in Nilfguard. Cahir is asked by his king that if he wants his dignity back, he must kill the elf commander. He obeys his command but regrets it. He later allies with Elves to help them to catch Ciri.

Is Rience actually defeated by Yennefer?

In the first half of season 3, Rience almost captures Ciri but his wits and hands are broken by Geralt. He is following the orders of an entity that is more powerful than any other mage in Arentuza. That mage is not revealed is lives like a parasite on the host. As Rience calls her ugly as she is fully disfigured and lives with a girl who is mute.

It is in the books of The Witcher that Reince was a mage just like any other in Arentuza but his greed for power led him to chaos. He was defeated by Yennefer who is stronger than others. Her chaos not only disfigured Rience’s face but the entire land of Arentuza.


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