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The Sympathizer is an upcoming comedy-drama series based on the 2016 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by Viet Thang Nguyen. The series is being developed by co-showrunners Park Chan-wook and Don Mckellar, with Park directing the series as well. 

The series is being produced by A24 and Rhombus Media and will be airing on HBO. Filming of the series first took place in Los Angeles and Thailand. Robert Downey Jr. is also part of the series as a producer and co-star. Marc Munden and Fernando Meirelles were also hired to direct some episodes of the series. Here’s everything else you need to know about ‘The Sympathizer’.

The Sympathizer: Release Date

The Sympathizer: Release Date

No official release date has been confirmed but the series will air on HBO and be available to stream on Max in 2024. With the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes, we expect the series to be released in mid-2024, though further delays are expected. 

The Sympathizer: Plot

Here’s a look at the premise of the series, based on the novel by Viet Thang Nguyen. The series is based on the story of the Captain, a North Vietnam plant in the South Vietnam army. He is forced to flee to the United States with his general near the end of the Vietnam War.

The Sympathizer: Release Date

While living within a community of South Vietnamese refugees, he continues to secretly spy on the community and report back to the Viet Cong, struggling between his original loyalties and his new life. The novel incorporates elements like immigration, politics, and dark comedy, which are likely to be adapted into the series. 

In the novel, the narrator has a dual identity, as a mole and immigrant. The novel was published 40 years after the fall of Saigon so we expect to see similar themed scenes throughout the series. ‘The Committed’ is a sequel to the novel but this is likely to not be adapted into the series. 

The Sympathizer: Cast

An official cast list is yet to be confirmed for the series. Here’s a look at all the actors and actresses, along with their roles in the series. 

The Sympathizer: Release Date
  • Hoa Xuande as the Captain
  • Fred Nguyen Khan as Bon
  • Toan Le as the General
  • Ky Duyen as Madame
  • Sandra Oh as Ms. Sofia Mori
  • Robert Downey Jr. in several antagonist roles
  • Alan Trong as Sonny

The Sympathizer: Trailer

Max has released an official teaser for the series. We expect the full trailer for The Sympathizer to be released in the upcoming months. The series will be available on Max in 2024.

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