The Last of Us: Do new set photos announce a change from the PlayStation games?

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The series adaptation of “The Last of Us” is hotly anticipated. However, new photos from the set indicate that the HBO series will not meticulously implement the video game template.

  • The series adaptation of the successful video game “The Last of Us” will probably not appear on HBO until 2023.
  • Joel escorts teenage Ellie across a zombie-infested USA to a research facility.
  • New set photos indicate that the duo will visit places that are not part of the video game.

The highly anticipated series based on the video game phenomenon of the same name, “The Last of Us,” is still a little while off. The survival horror series will probably not come to US broadcaster HBO until 2023 – the 10th anniversary of the first part. However, new set photos suggest that Joel and Ellie will be taking a trip to an area that wasn’t even part of the video game.

The 10-part series focuses on the journey of Joel Miller, played by “The Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal, who is tasked with escorting teenage Ellie (Bella Ramsey from “Game of Thrones“) to a facility in a world infested with zombie-like creatures. Numerous dangerous situations await the two of them, since resources have become extremely precious.

Together, they must find the headquarters of a militant group called Fireflies. Although Joel clearly wants nothing to do with it, he realizes the importance of the mission when Ellie reveals that, due to her natural immunity, she could be the key to stopping the infection that plagues the world.

Filming on “The Last of Us” originally began in Canada in July 2021. Details about the series are being kept top secret, so fans have had to rely on casting calls and photos from the filming locations to confirm the accuracy of the series compared to the original video game. Even with Niel Druckmann, the games’ developer, involved in the series as writer and director, there have been hints of changes to both the story and characters.

So there are also new photos that raise questions. User u/robotlou2 posts a photo that hints at the characters passing by a place that isn’t even part of the video game.

When Joel and Ellie leave the quarantine zone in Boston to head west, one of their stops was Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. There, Joel and Ellie meet two brothers, Henry and Sam, who are hiding from local hunters as they search for a way out of the city. Recent footage from the Calgary set by user u/dbaxter1304 shows the two brothers shortly after they join Joel and Ellie.

Fans assumed that the location in Canada stood for Pittsburgh, but the new set photos show that it is actually Kansas City, Missouri.

In the first photo, a large sign on the exterior wall of a building advertises a local storage facility with climate control and 24-hour security service called “Kansas City Self Storage.” A second image shows a close-up of a license plate on a vehicle covered in dirt, suggesting its age. The license plate is from the state of Missouri, which is further evidence that the location is indeed Kansas City and not Pittsburgh.

The question remains whether Kansas City will replace Pittsburgh in the story or whether the Midwestern city is another stop on Joel and Ellie’s journey. For better or worse, you’ll only find out when The Last of Us is released by HBO in 2023.

The Last of Us: Release Date

The Last Of Us: Do New Set Photos Announce A Change From The Playstation Games?
The Last of Us © HBO

It has finally been decided when “The Last of Us” will be released! The video game adaptation will premiere on the US channel HBO and its in-house streaming service HBO Max on January 15, 2023.

But fans in this country won’t have to wait too much longer either. As expected, “The Last of Us” will be broadcast on Sky and Wow – and almost simultaneously. Due to the time difference, however, the broadcast will be postponed to the night of January 16, 2023.

Although it has not yet been officially confirmed, it can be assumed that the total of nine episodes will probably be broadcast in a weekly rhythm.

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