The Flash actor Micheal Shannon turned down the role in the “Star Wars” franchise

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The Flash actor, Shannon stated, “I never want to be chained to a franchise. I don’t want to continue them since I don’t find them to be engaging. I don’t want to create mindless entertainment; if I’m developing something, I want there to be some sort of purpose to it. There is already enough useless entertainment in the world. There is an overflow here.

Michael Shannon is a captivating and consistently excellent actor who has built a prestigious career on both the big and small screen. The actor has earned respect for his profound performances in compelling movies like Nocturnal Animals, The Shape of Water, and Knives Out, as well as his captivating television roles as Napoleon Marconi in Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers and Nelson Van Alden in the HBO period drama Boardwalk Empire.

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Shannon made his film debut in the 1990s classic Groundhog Day, and for more than three decades, he has wowed audiences with his singular gift. His recent interview revealed how he turned down the role in the “Star Wars”. Let’s see what he has to say.

Why the Flash actor Micheal Shannon turned down the role in “Star Wars” franchise

In essence, Shannon explained, “It’s looking at a civilization that destroyed its own planet and thinks the solution is to go off and destroy another.” It’s the same idea when you hear that potentially if we destroy the Earth, we might move to Mars. I didn’t see Zod as the bad guy. I simply thought of him as a man whose duty it is to defend his community.

“I’m not going to lie — it wasn’t quite satisfying for me, as an actor,” Shannon admitted of the “The Flash” production to Collider. These movies about the multiverse are comparable to someone playing with action toys. It sounds like, “Look at this person.” This is who they are. They’re fighting, too! It’s not exactly the in-depth character study scenario that “Man of Steel” seems to be, to be honest.

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Why The Flash starrer agreed to be part of the “Star Wars” franchise earlier

Shannon is currently free of Hollywood tentpoles for the time being because “The Flash” is currently playing in theatres. The movie “The Flash” is currently showing in theatres all throughout the country.

Shannon said that when he agreed to work on the project, he had no idea that his character would appear in another movie almost ten years later. Shannon acknowledged that “it’s not Zod’s story,” even though he thought The Flash to be a similarly complex tale, and said, “I’m basically there to present a challenge.”

Shannon claims that his motivations for playing Zod are a reflection of Snyder’s efforts to reintroduce Superman to popular culture as well as the legacy of the character. Shannon claims that the script was the reason he agreed to play Zod.

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