The Flash 2: How the DC saga continues after the shock ending

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After the end of The Flash, the question is how the story will continue in part 2. But is the DC sequel even safe? We have all the important information for you.

The Flash is the latest superhero movie to hit the big screen and make for an exciting action adventure. Especially exciting: The Flash not only uses characters from the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), but also features numerous guest appearances from other DC films.

Warning, spoilers follow!

One of the biggest cameos happens at the very end: No sooner does Barry Allen think he’s cleaned up the multiverse mess than it turns out he’s changed the reality of his dimension forever. His Batman is no longer played by Ben Affleck, but by George Clooney. What comes after this shock?

The Flash: When and how will the story continue in Part 2?

The good news is that a script for The Flash 2 already exists. It was written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who gained plenty of horror experience with The Walking Dead and two Conjuring films. He also knows his way around the DC universe. He is one of the creative minds behind the first Aquaman movie.

Watch the trailer for The Flash here:

According to Variety, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Michael Keaton’s Batman will return in this version of The Flash 2. Warner executives have also signaled that they are willing to work with Ezra Miller in the future, despite past controversies. The Flash star has been playing the role since 2016.

Whether The Flash 2 is really coming or not depends on the success of the first part. The Wrap’s sources say that the film will have to become at least as successful as The Batman for Warner to consider a sequel. So we’re talking about a worldwide box office of around $770 million.

With or without The Flash 2: Complete DC reboot is coming

The bad news is that DC is headed for a major reboot. Blue Beetle (August 2023) and Aquaman and Lost Kingdom (December 2023) are the last DCEU films to hit theaters. After that, director James Gunn and producer Peter Safran are launching a completely new universe called the DC Universe (DCU).

In January 2023, Gunn announced the first ten projects of the DCU, which will officially be kicked off by Superman: Legacy in 2025. There is no trace of The Flash 2 in the current schedule far and wide. The film must therefore convince across the board. However, the current box office figures point to a flop.

All DCU projects planned so far:

  • Superman: Legacy (film)
  • The Authority (film)
  • The Brave and the Bold (film)
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (movie)
  • Swamp Thing (movie)
  • Creature Commandos (series)
  • Waller (series)
  • Lanterns (series)
  • Paradise Lost (series)
  • Booster Gold (series)

The spin-off series Peacemaker, which grew out of The Suicide Squad, is the only old DCEU project whose future in the DCU is certain. Gunn has announced that he will take care of Season 2 after Superman: Legacy.

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