The Adam Project 2: A sequel for the Netflix movie with Ryan Reynolds?

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The Adam Project” tells a completed story, but a sequel to the Netflix film with Ryan Reynolds is still possible and even likely. We will reveals more.

  • “The Adam Project” is likely to quickly become a hit at Netflix.
  • The science fiction adventure for the whole family has Ryan Reynolds, one of the most popular actors of our time, on board.
  • A sequel is inevitable, and that’s easy to explain.

“The Adam Project” is now running on Netflix and is a complete success! At least that’s what we can assume, because every major in-house production of the streaming service that is heavily advertised ends up at number one in the Netflix charts and breaks new streaming records. A month later, no one remembers the film in question, but that’s just the way it is in the fast-moving streaming age!

A sequel to “The Adam Project” is very likely. There is no information yet, but also “Red Notice”, “Bird Box”, “Bright” and so many other Netflix movies will get a 2nd part, so “The Adam Project 2” is only a matter of time. But what could the sequel be about?

The Adam Project 2: What could it be about?

“The Adam Project” is actually quite a well-rounded film, there is no open ending or post-credits scene that hints at a sequel. Still, the science fiction theme naturally allows for more stories.

On the one hand, one could concentrate completely on Ryan Reynolds’ Adam and thus simply stay in the year 2050. However, this would mean that the film would lose some of the groundedness that “The Adam Project” had due to the numerous scenes in the present.

So it would be more likely that Ryan Reynolds would travel back in time again, but this time with an older version of himself. This way, the film could not only add a new prominent actor to the cast, the old future Adam could also immediately provide the explanation to the question of why time travel is possible after it was actually prevented in Part 1.

The actual plot is of course, like “The Adam Project” sequel itself, still up in the air. For the time being, Ryan Reynolds is still busy with “Red Notice 2” and “Deadpool 3” should also have priority for him, but “The Adam Project” should land in Netflix’s new releases program sometime in 2024 at the earliest.

Amara Elvita
Amara Elvita
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