Stranger Things Season 4: Here’s what you need to remember before the start of part 2

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The last two episodes from Stranger Things season 4 are waiting in the wings at Netflix. In preparation, we recap what happened in the first 7 episodes of season 4.

  • Stranger Things season 4 continues after the first 7 episodes with two more episodes.
  • Before heading into the grand finale, it’s worth taking a look back to avoid confusion.
  • What happened last with Elfi, Mike, Hopper and Max is revealed to you.

Admittedly, the time gap between the start of Stranger Things season 4 and the release of part 2 is not exactly large. However, fans who streamed all 7 episodes from part 1 directly on Netflix on one day or one weekend might have forgotten some important details by now.

To help you get started with Part 2 of Season 4, we already summarized what happened to the characters before the break. We also have a summary of Vecna’s life story and his sinister plans for you!

Nancy continues to be in danger, as she was unable to leave the shadow world and instead became Vecna’s target. Why Nancy gets a flashback to Vecna’s youth in a vision and is not haunted by terrible memories is not clear. Steve is also likely still stuck in the shadow world.

Elfi has her powers back and knows the truth about No. 1, though she doesn’t know what became of Henry, nor has she heard from Vecna. With her powers, however, it shouldn’t be hard to leave the secret facility in Nevada now, unless Dr. Owens takes her back to Hawkins himself.

In Nevada, however, Elfi would still have to meet Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle, who learned the coordinates of the Nina project from Suzie. Once this group is complete again, they need to short-circuit with Dustin and Lucas, learn about the events in Hawkins, and then strategize together to defeat Vecna.

The Hopper storyline runs a bit off track, but with luck Hopper, Joyce and Murray are also able to return to the U.S. after Hopper is freed from the Russian gulag. However, the Russians’ Demogorgon is still alive, so maybe Hopper still has it in for him before heading back home.

With this information, you should be well prepared for the grand finale of Season 4, where the last episode actually lasts just under 2.5 hours! After that, a much longer wait awaits us, because season 5, the grand finale of “Stranger Things,” has yet to be filmed.

Presumably, we can expect the spectacular conclusion of the Netflix hit series in 2024, in which the fate of Hawkins and the entire world will finally be decided. Until then, you can at least make do with the numerous highlights in Netflix’s new releases program.

Stranger Things Season 4: Where to Watch

Stranger Things Season 4: Here's what you need to remember before the start of part 2
Stranger Things Season 4 © Netflix

Stranger Things is an in-house production of the streaming service Netflix. Users of other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video or Disney+ cannot stream “Stranger Things” there. A TV broadcast of “Stranger Things” is also not yet planned.

Stranger Things Season 4: Trailer

“Stranger Things” season 4 returns with its second edition on July 1, 2022. Two episodes will be released, which will be the epic finale of the fourth season. Now a new epic trailer for season 4, part 2 has been released and it turns up the bombast!

The epic new trailer for “Stranger Things” season 4, part 2 is accompanied by the song “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, which was already used in the first edition of the fourth season of the Netflix series. The series has even brought the 80s song back into the charts.

After issue 2 of the fourth “Stranger Things” season, fans will have to wait again, but at least there is the certainty that the series will continue. “Stranger Things” season 5 is already confirmed.

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