Gal Gadot Assured Progress on “Red Notice 2” Script and Filming Plans

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Gal Gadot breaks silence for her upcoming Projects. During Netflix’s recent fan event TUDUM, Collider had the opportunity to sit down with Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades Trilogy), and Alia Bhatt (RRR) to discuss their upcoming action film, Heart of Stone. In addition to discussing that project, Gadot also took some time to shed light on another action film she is set to star in, Red Notice 2.

The sequel was given the green light by Netflix in January 2022, but since October 2022, there had been no updates apart from the fact that scripts were being written. However, Gadot has now confirmed that she has received the script for Red Notice 2 and assures that the entire production team is actively discussing it, indicating that filming may commence in the near future.

Gal Gadot Assured Progress on "Red Notice 2" Script and Filming Plans

Back-to-Back Filming of “Red Notice 2” and “Red Notice 3”: Potential Delay and Uncertainty

Red Notice 2 will reunite Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds as skilled con artists and thieves on a global hunt for valuable artworks to steal and sell for substantial profits. Dwayne Johnson will also reprise his role as the FBI agent determined to keep both criminals in check. In a previous interview with Collider, producers Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia mentioned their efforts to film Red Notice 2 and Red Notice 3 back-to-back.

While this approach offers efficiency, it may also result in a delay in the release of both movies. At present, it remains uncertain whether the back-to-back filming plan will proceed. We’ll have to wait for further updates to find out.

Gal Gadot Assured Progress on "Red Notice 2" Script and Filming Plans
Gal Gadot/ Netflix

Unprecedented Success of “Red Notice” Sparks Greenlight for Two Simultaneous Sequels

Red Notice, the original film, took the Netflix catalog by surprise, exceeding expectations with its tremendous popularity. Upon its release, it swiftly became the most-watched movie of the day and secured a spot in the Top 10 Netflix titles across 94 countries. This remarkable success led Netflix to greenlight two sequels simultaneously.

As of now, Netflix has not divulged any additional details regarding the filming schedule or anticipated release date for the Red Notice sequels.

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